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17 Apr 2017
12:42frg_awayCallek_cloud9: Ping for the AMO password :)
12:53Callek_cloud9frg_away: thanks :-)
12:53* Callek_cloud9 looks
12:54Callek_cloud9frg_away: oooook, this may take some doing...
12:55Callek_cloud9user+password I have isn't actually recognize by gmail's oauth
12:56frg_awayCallek_cloud9: Bummer. Maybe you can get a new one and send it to IanN?
12:57Callek_cloud9frg_away: yea, i'm asking in #amo
12:57* Callek_cloud9 isn't sure *what* the process is
12:57frg_awayCallek_cloud9: knocking on wood.
17:09Mc Thanks :-)
17:10WaltS48Woo Hoo! Progress :)
17:57Callek_cloud9IanN|Away: frg_away: heres some news on the amo front...
17:57Callek_cloud9IanN|away: frg_away:
17:57Callek_cloud9IanN|Away: I'm going to let you do the Firefox Accounts creation with that e-mail, and I'll help if you have an issue
18:00frg_awayCallek_cloud9: Thanks.
18 Apr 2017
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