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16 May 2017
00:46ewong|awayda heck?
00:49ewongguess I'll have to get used to this theme..
00:51Xogiumhihi, does anyone here have a patched version of greasemonkey for sm 2.49 ? My script don't want to work anymore :'(
00:52ewongXogium: sorry.. I don't use greasemonkey
00:53Xogiumewong: oh that's alright :) just a bit annoyed cause I lost accessibility in ogame :D
01:00ewongtonymec|away: for some definition of 'progress'
01:00Xogiumalso, is there any way of preventing sm from trying to connect to a particular mail server that I know is buggy right now ? It's a bit annoying to have to press escape on the dialog box every time it pops in
01:07ewongXogium: try setting it not to check for email
01:08ewongXogium: via Mail&Newsgroups Account Settings -> <account affected> -> Server Settings -> uncheck &quot;Check for new messages ever_..&quot; and &quot;Check for new messages at startup.. &quot;
01:10Xogiumoh awesome
01:22Xogiumoh well. I&#39;ll wait in case someone does have a patched version of greasemonkey, at least I got accessibility on ogame for few months so I&#39;m not totally lost
06:11frg_awayMorning ewong
06:11ewonggood morning frg!
07:18frg_awaytonymec|away I did a 2.49.1 with the mail fix. Not sure if I have time today for a 2.52a1 with the other fixes.
07:49frg_awayewong Do you have theme problems? Maybe
07:49thebotBug 1364787 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Port bug 1356826 to TB: Various visual glitches on Daily starting 2017-05-14 due to Default theme no
07:51ewongfrg_away: nope.. not yet.. (haven&#39;t gotten a running nightly for some time.. haven&#39;t been building anything lately for that matter)
07:52frg_awayOk. Will port this later. What was this about themes in the log from this night?
07:56ewongok.. something&#39;s come up..
08:26Mcfrg_away: bugzilla themes
08:27frg_awayMc ah ok. The new one s*cks. Still on legacy.
08:28frg_awayguess I am a brakeman who doesn&#39;t appreciate changes to make things better :)
08:29Mcthemes are some more though. legacy is my favorite too
08:32frg_awayMc I can live with it. Just thought it was a problem with themes in 2.52a1. Seems to have regressed again after tonymec|away fixed it.
08:33Mci don&#39;t need it either
08:36Mcthemes must keep in the background for me
08:37Mcthat&#39;s why i like the standard theme
08:58Xogiummorning folks
08:58Mchi Xogium :-)
08:59Xogiumthat 2.49 sm run just fine now.. Well apart from greasemonkey but that&#39;s another matter
09:00Xogiumit&#39;s like, 100 times faster for the emails
09:01Xogium2.46 was lagging in a folder with over 1k messages, this one doesn&#39;t even seem to notice :D
09:02Xogiumlagging just a bit with 48k messages but well, I didn&#39;t really expect it to not lag at that point
09:03frg_awayHi Xogium
09:06frg_awayXogium: Just remembered:
09:06Xogiumfrg_away: hi hi :)
09:11Xogiumoh :O
09:11Xogiumthanks :)
09:14frg_awaywith the problem tracked down I am feeling better now about releasing 2.48+
09:15Xogiumthat works now, woot !
09:20Xogiumand I installed the language pack for french so now all is well :D
09:25frg_awayXogium from Adrians unofficial build?
09:26Xogiumyeah, hmm, from latest-esr for linux 64
09:26XogiumI&#39;d figure, if it&#39;s incompatible it&#39;d clearly tell me so
09:27frg_awayoki. Should be ok. If not let me know. Can try to build an fr release.
09:27Xogiumnah, works like a charm
12:31* Mc needs to investigate why an upcoming alarm of DerBrowserTimer closes all cZ connections :-P
16:01Mcseems just the Pop up window breaks the connections after some time. hi Ratty, it&#39;s your mod version :-)
17:11Mcok, Frank Lion does on mozillaZine what i&#39;d have proposed, revert to dev support
17:13Mcso it&#39;s worth reading there again ;-)
17:20frg_awayMc. The poor slob who worte most of the OP thinks he is a windbag :)
17:22Mcokayyy :-)
17:27therube_agone& i thought he was calling you a &#39;sob&#39; ;-)
17:49frg_awaytherube_agone: For someone who likes to dish it out he seems to be thin-skinned. I just dislike people who tell me all day what to do instead of doing something.
17:53therube_agoneyep, he&#39;s quite capable, but... & then he&#39;ll come back with, &quot;see, i told you so&quot;.
18:06frg_away therube_agone: Yes he knows probably more about the stuff than I will ever learn. Nothing beats knowledge + experience. But it doesn&#39;t help the project right now. And the council statement did what it was supposed to do. Getting an assessment of what the community is willing to do, tell everyone what we intend to do and even sparked some interest in the project. And donations are up too...
18:06frg_away...which will help. Sure would have liked to see 10 full time devs pop up but I am not stupid :)
18:33ThurahThaha, windbag..
18:33ThurahTsemi similar to Swedish.. We say &quot;munvder&quot;
18:34ThurahTmouth weather.
21:44libertyerniesomeone asked on mozillazine: &quot;Is the OP looking for anything out of this thread beyond what was listed in the opening post? Maybe a separate thread is needed for suggestions?&quot;
21:46libertyernieCome to think of it, a link on mozillazine to the newsgroups and irc might be nice. I bet people assume that mozillazine is the primary discussion place for seamonkey, when it&#39;s just one of several.
21:50ThurahTI have the reverse problem. I can&#39;t find my way out of irc.
17 May 2017
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