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16 Jul 2017
03:36werwolfhi, SM works in safe-mode, what have I to do as next?
03:37hogarthsafe mode?
03:39werwolfin normal mode are the fonts in menus very small
03:39* hogarth goes to check his seamonkey
03:39werwolfI allready disabled all addons, but did not have any luck
03:39werwolfhogarth: no, it is only my problem, not yours
03:40hogarthoh. are you saying that it /only/ works in windows safe mode?
03:41werwolfSM works well, only the stupid font is very small.
03:42werwolfI dont remember what I did or how this happened
03:42werwolfso I want to keep the changes, which makes temporarily the safe-mode
03:44hogarthno idea, sorry. don't use windows for desktop.
03:45werwolfin linux it is the same
03:45werwolfit does not have to do with the OS
03:45werwolfvery probably
03:45hogarthdo you use a high-dpi screen?
03:46werwolfbut everything was OK before
03:46werwolfthen, something happend
03:46hogarthno idea then, sorry.
04:03tonymec|awaywerwolf: safemode disables PROFILE/chrome/userChrome.css -- maybe (if it exists in your profile) it has a rules for menus there. Mine does but it's intentional.
04:06werwolfhi tonymec|away I did something very wrong :(
04:06werwolfnow, I lost the configuration of my gmail account
04:07werwolfhow can I copy the messages to a new profile?
04:07werwolfyes the problem was probably in the userChrome.css
04:10tonymec|awaywerwolf: there's been so long I haven't been usinng Sm/Tb Mail that I forgot where they keep their mail. Maybe the Mozillazine KB can help you. The server configuration should IIRC be in prefs.js somewhere but don't alter that file when Sm is running, it uses it read-write.
04:11werwolfI know, where they are, but I dont know how to copy them correctly to the new profiel.
04:12werwolfit looks that I deleted in with the options in safe-mode :(
04:12tonymec|awayhm, let me search...
04:19tonymec|awaywerwolf: doesn't look very promising but maybe you can make something out of it:
04:23werwolftonymec|away: Thank you, problem resolved :)
04:23tonymec|awaywerwolf: stayed all night at the keyboard, I'm going to bed now. Good for you!
07:54frg_awayMorning IanN|Away
07:54IanN|Awaymorning frg_away
07:56IanN|Awayfrg_away: in bug 1374708 why do we need the part in MsgComposeCommands.js?
07:56thebotBug enh, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Style and color quotes in messages
08:01frg_awayIanN|Away I didn't try to left this part out but the comment is straight from TB. Looks like the editor is marked dirty without it from start so if you just close it you get a prompt. I can try to take it out and check. Just tried to match TB here.
08:06IanN|Awayfrg_away: different shades of grey would be wrong for Modern :P
08:07frg_awayIanN|Away They are going a little into blue and match the overall color of the interface quite nicely on my monitor.
08:08frg_awayTinkered for 1h or so to get it right. Maybe saturration needs to be a little lower.
08:12frg_awayIanN|Away: just uploaded a screenshot of the modern lvels for reference in bug 1374708
08:12thebotBug enh, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Style and color quotes in messages
08:14frg_awayThe cat ate the e. Oh wait I have no cat :)
08:17IanN|Awayfrg_away: had to r- a patch :(
08:21IanN|Awayfrg_away: were the mozconfig changes in the patch accidental?
08:21thebotBug 1354845 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Accessibility Installer rollup ports for c-c apps
08:21frg_awayIanN|Away No problem. I looked only at the ImMand TB installer.
08:22IanN|Awayfrg_away: they are further behind than SM in some of the> changes
08:24frg_awayIanN|Away. No needed to get the official branding for the class id. I moved them to bug 1381211 yesterday but was away most of the day and didn't set any dependencies.
08:24thebotBug nor, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Clean up SeaMonkeys mozconfig files
08:25IanN|Awayfrg_away: ah that was what confised me :D
08:27frg_awayIanN|Away Thought it made more sense in the config changes. Also not needed in release-l10n. Looked over TBs and Fx makefiles in the morning and hope I got everything right. Will do the gapi key next.
08:29frg_awayAha ewong|away is also active. Morning ewong if you are also here.
08:30IanN|Awayfrg_away is looking at footprints in the butter again!
08:31frg_awayIann|Away No at bug 1380943
08:31thebotBug nor, --, ---, ewong, ASSI, Require 2.7+ python post bug 1380780
08:31IanN|Awayfrg_away: I WILL change its alias to butter :P
08:31frg_awayand trying to find wisdom at the bottom of the coffee mug
08:47IanN|Awayfrg_away: did you see Bug 1322172 comments from Jorg?
08:47thebotBug is not accessible
08:49frg_awayIanN|Away yes. My clone will start working on it soon. Juggling too many balls aorund but you know this :)
08:54frg_awayIanN|Away Isaac fixed up inspector in bug 1379674. Looks good. Just need to do a final check. Bill did bug 1376167 too. If you have some time could you look at bug 1378075. Works but I can't say I am a CSS guru.
08:54thebotBug nor, --, ---, isaacschemm, ASSI, Port Bug 1372520 [remove dependency between nsContextMenu and devtools] to SeaMonkey
08:54thebotBug nor, --, ---, wgianopoulos, ASSI, Use Intl.DateTimeFormat or similar instead of nsIScriptableDateFormat in SeaMonkey
08:54thebotBug nor, --, ---, wgianopoulos, ASSI, Missing visual separation of main window elements with W7 classic desktop
10:08IanN|Awayfrg_away: done review on bug 1379674
10:08thebotBug nor, --, ---, isaacschemm, ASSI, Port Bug 1372520 [remove dependency between nsContextMenu and devtools] to SeaMonkey
10:08IanN|Awayfrg_away: going to grab some brunch now
10:08frg_awayIanN|Away Mahlzeit!
12:28WG9sfrg_away: is there an existing bug for the developer toolbar not workin in SeaMonkey?
12:55frg_awayWG9s. Hi Bill. Saw that you were gone and just sent you an email.
13:35WG9sfrg_away: im back i just respun my last nights builds with all the pending crap i have submitted jsut to make sure it at elast all builds so the allowed-djups change along with mh rejected supress mozzila-central warnings patch becuase, myself they just make it more difficult fro me to determine what a build issue might be.
13:36WG9sfrg_away: i will go back to comparing output one way with another looking to weekday. silly me was so concentrated on timezone that i missed it.
13:37WG9sfrg_away: can youpost ont he bug which screens the weekday ws missing on?
13:38WG9sfrg_away: I will check them all but i would feel stupid if i don;t at least fix the ones youalready found
17:03frg_awayIanN|Away: You are too fast today :) Bug 1376167 still has a few problems. Mailed with Bill.
17:03thebotBug nor, --, ---, wgianopoulos, ASSI, Use Intl.DateTimeFormat or similar instead of nsIScriptableDateFormat in SeaMonkey
17:10frg_awayIann|Away thanks. Sorry. Not my day today. dead tired. Should have updated the bug.
17:16IanN|Awayfrg_away: isn't there places where seconds have been missed too?
17:19frg_awayIanN|Away: Weekday translation is missing in most places and Data manager is broken. Bill is on it. I will check it out when a new patch is available and match it against 2.49.1. Patch for bug 903439 coming up in a minute.
17:19thebotBug is not accessible
17:24IanN|Awayfrg_away: not happy with displaying UNIX time
17:26frg_awayIanN|Away No. Bill knows. I actually use it in tests and my UNIX to brain mapping is faulty. Or lets say I prefer something readable :)
17:27frg_awayBut looks all like an easy fix and we get rid of another potential problem with mozilla code. If it were just as easy with the bookmarks...
17:56IanN|Awayfrg_away: I'm sure we don't need so many treeView.js files either
17:59frg_awayIanN|Away: Only 3 for good luck! One is in downloads which I still didn't do a thing too. frg the looser!!!
18:00IanN|Awayfrg_away: no, frg the uncloned!
18:02frg_awayIanN|Away. At least I am quite happy with the cleaned mozconfigs. Now they must just be ok to still build SeaMonkey :)
17 Jul 2017
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