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16 Apr 2017
09:37frg_awayHappy easter IanN|Away
14:10frg_awayHappy easter ewong
14:11ewongfrg_away: Happy Easter frg!
14:12frg_awayewong: great that 2.48b1 made it. Any hope for updates or I should probably update the release notes?
14:12ewongfrg_away: there supposed to be a meeting?
14:13frg_awayewong: next week. Was postponed to the 23th.
14:13ewongfrg_away: technically speaking, 2.48b1 isn't out yet until the website's updated and the updates have been done
14:13ewongfrg_away: ah good.. coz I haven't done any of the status updates (on an untrusted public connection)
14:14frg_awayewong: Its in release. That's good enough for me :) Put up the release notes. Couldn't set mcsmurf as reviewer because he wasn't online in the last 60 days so IanN|Away got the honor aus usual.
14:14ewongfrg_away: did you get the website patch done?
14:15frg_awayewong: yes. Let me look up the bug.
14:15ewongfrg_away: good.. that's all I need to know.. just get it reviewed and ping me here or on email.. don't think I'll be online for most of tomorrow
14:15frg_awayewong: bug 1336315
14:15thebotBug nor, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Create/Update 2.48 Release Notes
14:16ewongfrg_away: release notes and website patch are separate.. they aren't dupes
14:16frg_awayewong: ah ok. For me it was one bug :)
14:17ewongok. nvm then.
14:17ewongmcsmurf isn't reviewer setable?
14:18ewongoh man
14:18frg_awayewong: no. If you can do it do it. I think IanN will be glad.
14:18ewonglooking at the patch
14:19ewongthere is something else that I had missed before.. just need to remember
14:19frg_awayewong: Not sure if Iits 100% ok with the 248b1 and 248 mixed.
14:19ewongwe'll just take it one version at a time.
14:20ewonghmm. I think you pretty much covered it. I think I was thinking of relnote.var
14:20frg_awayewong: jupp might need a small bugfix afterwards.
14:20ewongor maybe config.tmpl
14:20ewongneedless to say.. think I'm more confident with Ian's review..
14:21frg_awayTLS 1.3 was backed out so I didn't put it in.
14:22frg_awaymight take a few days then. Maybe we can start with 2.48.
14:37frg_awayewong: ca is completly outdated. Its built but nothing we should advertize. I removed 7 languages from the list after looking at the l10n dashboard. Filed a separate bug for official removal. The zh-* languages are on top because the languages itself are sorted alphabetically not the codes. Didn't change this.
14:38frg_awayewong: bug 1356294
14:39thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Remove no longer updated languages from SeaMonkey
14:41ewongah was the ca removal slated for 2.48b1?
14:41frg_awayewong: for ca: over 728 missing in 2.50. I believe not updated in the last two years looking at the strings.
14:42ewongfrg_away: as KaiRo mentioned earlier in one bug.. I think the update of the all-locales/shipped-locales, we need to contact the CA localizers and ask if they're still interested in localizing SeaMonkey
14:43ewongbut since I have no knowledge of localization.. you'll need to ping Ian or Kairo.
14:43ewong7 locales?
14:46frg_awayewong: They are on the other bug. Rainer has also put the known localizers in cc. 7 + be. only 18 instead of 26 now. There were all missing hundreds of changes and gl already had a bug up to remove SeaMonkey from the l10n dashboard. I don't think we should publish these new builds on the website. all-locales can stay unchanged for now imho until they decide.
14:47* ewong sighs.
15:00ewongoh well.. 18 locales better than zero :p
15:00ewonganyway..gotta jet
17 Apr 2017
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