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15 May 2017
05:01Mcfrg: looking in Join Channel of cZ i found #extdev Extension development discussion
05:59Mcnew comm-esr. where to find in Mercurial? is it in comm-esr52 of Thunderbird?
06:10frg_awayMc yes
09:30frg_awayHi ewong|away
09:31ewong|awayfrg_away: hey there! sorry .. was away most of the day.. working on a lot of things at the same time..
09:32frg_awayewong|away me too no worry. dentist, problem at work with bookings and and and...
09:32ewong|awayyeah... and all the way down..
09:33ewong|awayfrg_away: I remember I had something to poke you for.. but I've forgotten what it was about :/
09:34frg_awayewong|away. did you get the 2.49 csets? about them? obsolete l10n? sun spots?
09:35ewong|awayfrg_away: I got the csets.. just haven't actually had a chance to figure out what to do with them. as for l10n.. I'll have to defer to someone who touches l10n .. i.e IanN or even KaiRo..
09:42* ewong|away definitely wants to cry... even if it isn't related to wannacry..
09:53frg_awayewong|away Stay Frosty :D
09:56ewong|awaythen I'd be crying icicles :P
09:56frg_awayewong|away Yes but with closed teeth you can't cry !
09:57frg_awaymaybe a little sobbing when you look at the infra is ok
09:58ewong|awayfrg_away: looking at the infra will not make me sob.... it will make me cry... :P
09:59frg_awayewong|away Be a man! You don't cry and just jump from a cliff :D
10:01frg_awayewong|away one step at a time (not towards the cliff obviously). In the end we will fix it.
10:02ewong|awayfrg_away: yes.. I keep on reminding myself... One step at a time... but each step I take... (oh crap... that kinda makes me remind me of New Kids on the Block's songs..) I find that it's miniscule compared to what needs to be done
10:02ewong|awayoh wait.. not NKOTB.. Bobby Brown..
10:02ewong|awayor was it New Edition?
10:03ewong|awayanyway... bbl
10:04frg_awayewong|away: Don't worry. You are not alone. Unseen others look over your shoulder and yell at you :D
10:05ewong|awayOh..yes... :)
11:45tonymec|awayfrg_away: hm, for some reason I see a L32 trunk nightly today but no L64 one. Still compiling or fell flat on its face?
11:57frg_awaytonymec|away. Not sure. Should build but the builds are unusable anyway. Patches it up this weekend but IanN needs to review it first. Updated bug 1345770
11:57thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, SeaMonkey 2.52 malfunctions/errors
11:57frg_away^patched it up
11:57tonymec|awaylet's have a look at that bug
12:00frg_awayactually the 2 bugs been added
12:01tonymec|awaybug 1364677 bugs me too, let's vote for it (just for my peace of mind, I guess it won't get it solved faster or slower).
12:01thebotBug blo, P1, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, SeaMonkey location bar broken after bug 1353542 [Switch to async/await from Task.jsm/yield]
12:03frg_awayI could probably rs it. Simple patch but would like to get it reviewed. The other is a more or less straight port 2 too.
12:11tonymec|awayfrg_away: yeah, a second pair of eyes is always better, just in case you made a silly typo (or an unobvious mistake, who knows?). Not that I think you did, but still...
12:12Xogiumwhat else can aa bug do, besides bugging the hell out of people ? :p
12:12tonymec|awayXogium: crash your browser?
12:13Xogiumyeah but I consider that as bugging the hell out of me
12:15frg_away>> Not that I think you did, but still...
12:15frg_awayGetting better at fixing stuff but still not there.
12:16frg_awayXogium. Would you be willing to test a private build from me? I have an idea to circumvent the crash.
12:16Xogiumsure :)
12:17frg_awayXogium. Great. Its just an idea now. Might take till the weekend when I have some time.
12:17Xogiumthat's fine with me, I like testing things
12:18frg_awayXogium. Linux x64 is ok?
12:19Xogiumand that music from season 6 of game of thrones will drive me crazy lol I can't stop listening to it
12:19Xogiumperfect with me, it's x64 here
12:19Xogiumwish I had the resources to build sm for aarch64 cause I know it has some crash on that architecture but..
12:20frg_awayis there a rust for it yet?
12:21Xogiumthe sm community did nothing wrong mind you, it mainly inerrited the bugs from firefox itself..
12:21Xogiumleme see
12:22Xogiumwe have rust and rustup on archlinux-arm
12:22Xogiumbut with only 2 gb of ram to spare and 1.5 ghz quadcore...
12:23Xogiumguess the only way is to crosscompile, but the laptop is even less powerful than the sbc
12:24tonymec|awayfrg_away: when you get that experimental build ready, please ping me too, I'm interested (and on L64). Though ATM I'm not crashing all the time, just a little oftener than I used to, especially when changing tabs.
12:24frg_awayI wouldn't start building with anything less that 6 GB on x64.
12:25frg_awaytonymec|away will do. I doubt it will help here.
12:27Xogiumcan't be worse than pypy
12:27Xogiumbuilding that stuff requires at least 16 gb on x64, completely insane
12:28tonymec|awayfrg_away: maybe, maybe not. Busy this WE (and prolly can't make the meeting) but it will get better from Tuesday on wards.
13:15frg_awayXogium Do you use the Accessibility features under Linux? I am currently having a link problem with them enabled. I can fix it on a per build base but its cumbersome.
14:18Xogiumfrg_away: depend what you mean by accessibility features
14:18Xogiumoh, those
14:19frg_awayXogium yes :)
14:19Xogiumlet me check, I kind of forgot bout them
14:25Xogiumer, well, I do use keyboard nav and such.. :/
14:28Mctherube_agone: ok, NoScript errors happen in fx too. so let's see...
14:55Mctherube_agone: i took it from so i hope i'm right
14:57therube_agoneMc: doesn't sound the same. one way to find out ;-) (test using FF). i'll update the thread
14:58Mci don't use fx though
15:43therube_agoneme neither.
17:53NewTobinParadigm!seen RattyAway
17:53thebotrattyaway was last seen 11 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours, 22 minutes and 7 seconds ago, changing nick to Ratty .
17:54NewTobinParadigm!seen Ratty
17:54thebotratty was last seen 11 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 2 minutes and 38 seconds ago, saying '> It supports control from your phone if you are so addicted to the glow you need to play with your system from across the room. ' in #seamonkey.
17:54NewTobinParadigm!seen Ratty90
17:54thebotratty90 was last seen 11 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 43 minutes and 21 seconds ago, saying 'um what was his nick?' in #seamonkey.
17:54NewTobinParadigmI miss Ratty
18:04therube_agonemy cat's been gone about the same period of time. maybe ratty & my cat...
18:04therube_agonehow are things in PM-land NewTobinParadigm
18:20xblackberry44xFor the last week, I can't copy the URL of the website I'm visiting. I need to be able to do this for a project I'm working on. Any help???
18:22Mcyou can't in the url/location bar?
18:23frg_awayxblackberry44x which version from where?
18:25frg_awaythats was fast. must have found an answer :)
23:25tonymec|awayAll BMO have been disabled today except one because when you're a very small team, supporting more than one UI cripples your ability to progress the UI. I had always been taught that Mozilla meant Choice, and that its Manifesto said so, but now I learn that (my paraphrase) the less choice Mozilla users will have and the better the Mozilla products can progress. Talk of treading one's...
23:25tonymec|away...founding principles into the ground...
23:25tonymec|awayall BMO *skins* have...
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