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15 Mar 2017
05:30barbazoh crap! just noticed that the bug 1345563 patch for comm-release and comm-esr52 used my local mercurial username, not my mozilla-formatted one. sorry about that :/ is that a problem?
05:31thebotBug nor, --, seamonkey2.52, kevink9876543, RESO FIXED, Devtools Inspect Element doesn't inspect the element
05:37barbazsince it's still tip on both repos, can it just be stripped and replaced if i re-submit the same patch with a proper username?
06:37ewongbarbaz no.. you'll need to back out those two patches
06:38ewongbarbaz please ping IanN or frg about this.
06:49* ewong wonders who owns standups
06:49* ewong wonders also if we should have a sitdowns bot as well.
06:50ewongstandups: who is your owner?
06:50ewongrude bot
06:50ewongcan't do much when I'm bloked bloked bloked
06:51ewongI know... LET'S FORK M-C!
06:53standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
06:53ewongfor some definition of 'something'
07:20frg_awayhello ewong
07:38ewongfrg_away: hi! Good morning
07:39Mcewong: from NickServ: standups is nodeJS IRC client
07:39frg_awayewong on the train so might be gone any moment :)
07:43ewongerrand run
07:47Mcstandups: who are you?
07:47standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:48standupsWhatcha talkin about, Mc?
07:48Mcstandups: what about seamonkey
07:48standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:49Mcstandups: seamonkey
07:49standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:50Mcstandups: tell about standups
07:50standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:51Mcstandups: what are you
07:51standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:51Mcstandups: what are you for?
07:51standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:53Xogiumwah, stuck in a loop ?
07:54Mcinteresting whois
07:56Mcthere is a standup channel
07:57Mcstandups: standup
07:57standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
07:58Xogiumreally interesting whois indeed
07:58Xogiumwonder if it's a bot :O
07:59Mcit is a bot
08:00Xogiumspammer bot or.. ? :D
08:02Mcsome insight probably
08:04* Xogium laughs
08:04McStandup consists of a website and an IRC bot on allowing you to post status messages through the website or via the bot on IRC.
08:05Xogiumyeah.. Feels stupid now lol
08:12Mc"How do I get the IRC bot to trust me"
08:13Mcstandups: !trust Mc
08:13standupsI trust Mc
08:13Xogiumthere you go :p
08:15Mcstandups: !help
08:17Mcewong|away: finally standups isn't a bad bot
09:57ewong!summon RattyAway
09:58ewongRattyAway what'cha been up to?
10:06ewong|awayRattyAway I did send you an email :)
11:08* Mc looks for Ratty o.o
14:39barbazfrg_away: hi!
14:57frg_awaybarbaz : hi
15:51wsmwk standup doing great things for SM team?
15:54barbazfrg_away: if we're going to let the bad username ride, what info do we need from me?
15:56frg_awaybarbaz: Nothing. Did just set it to get your attention :) Just clear it.
15:57wsmwkstandups: hi
15:57standupsUh oh, something went wrong.
17:37frg_awayHi IanN who is IanN|Away
17:37* IanN|Away looks in the mirror
19:27Mca first step to esr: bug 1346939
19:27thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.49 from ESR branch
19:38* WaltS48 follows bug
19:44* Mc hopes he will do
19:45Mcnot the theme though :-P
16 Mar 2017
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