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15 Apr 2017
15:39ThurahTheh, interesting. Thanks therube.
23:27tonymec|awayThurahT: putting this behaviour behind a pref was of course intentional, ever since Gecko could decipher punycode. OT1H, with the pref defaulted to false, you'll see the URLs of the Chinese Wikipedia in Chinese and those of the Russian one in Russian, but you might fall victim to a punycode lookalike attack. OTOH, toggling it to true will warn you about a possible lookalike attack, but the...
23:27tonymec|away...URLs of Russian, Chinese, etc. Wikipedias will look like gibberish.
23:31tonymec|awayon thinking back, maybe not Wikipedia, but sites using legitimate foreign-script domains
23:49ThurahTI didn't know they did it like that. I thought it'd be smarter some how.
16 Apr 2017
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