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14 May 2017
04:49Mcbarbaz, therube: any news about the NoScript 5.0.4 errors?
05:16* Mc is back on 5.0.4rc1 btw
10:16Mctherube: hi! i thought you'd read the log, so i asked: barbaz, therube: any news about the NoScript 5.0.4 errors? Mc is back on 5.0.4rc1 btw
10:28therubeMc: i'm on 5.0.4rc3, i get some errors (Win7), not many. seemingly barbaz gets more. what they mean, don't know. if they're meaningful, don't know. i'm just sticking with .3 & i'll see what happens.
10:30therubeseparately, for some reason, Clear Private Data (Ctrl+Shift+D) doesn't seem to be opening for me (Win7) ?
10:30therubemight well be NoScript related, but not sure?
10:38therubeIn Safe Mode (presumably some site ?) is generating non-stop, TypeError: Z(...) is null, Error messages, MANY per second, thousands per minute.
10:38therubestuff like this, whatever it means,
10:45therubein Safe Mode, with Flash enabled, plugin-container.exe was loading, though not sure why as I don't believe ? anything was using Flash.
10:46therubedisabling Flash & restarting in Safe Mode, still getting non-stop TypeError: Z(...) is null ... CSSPlugin.min.js:12:17396
10:48theruberestarting in normal mode, & those errors subside
10:50therubeappears that both issues, Clear Private Data not opening & the TypeError: Z(...) is null error spam are going to be Profile related, which sucks.
13:13Mctherube: could it be just an sm (and pm) issue? it came with rc2 with the e10s fix, which is fx only
13:23mykhasHi there. One more rookie question for this week. I'm working with nsPlacesExpiration.js, which is implementation of nsIObserver and few more XPCOM interfaces. How can I get where this component was used in the project? Would really appreciate some doc ref
14:09frg_awaymykhas: I am using If I need old references I change the tree.
14:28mykhasfrg_away: I'm using it too, but can't find any calls to nsPlacesExpiration. Maybe there is some specific patter to search?
14:38frg_awaymykhas: Not so firm when it comes to these mechanisms. Looks like it is registered and then uses observers and timers to run in the background.
20:41frg_awayHi tonymec|away Can you tell me if em:appManaged true is still supported for extensions in the install.rdf? I only see this in c-c extensions and themes but not in m-c.
20:45tonymec|awayfrg_away: No bloddy idea. Maybe you could ask in some place where Add-ons manager developers lurk there must be some such channel on moznet but from the top of my head I can't remember if it is called #addons #extensions or something else.
20:48frg_awaytonymec|away: Thanks. Tried to upload debugQA to AMO today but ran into some problems. For each I fixed a followup was there :) Just filed bug 1364772.
20:48thebotBug nor, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Editor test failures using DebugQA extension.
20:53tonymec|awayfrg_away: if you check the logs when you come back: there are several xpi&#39;s in the Firefox <installdir>/browser/features WebExtensions I presume, and possibly without an install.xpi Did you look into them to see how they are constructed?
15 May 2017
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