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14 Mar 2017
02:21wyatt8740dunno if you saw that message, my brother decided to play with my router
02:21wyatt8740I'm segfaulting when I try to complete the email account setup wizard in seamonkey 2.46
02:21wyatt8740like i hit the "finish" button and it segfaults
02:21wyatt8740trying a new profile now just to be safe
02:22ewongnot sure how the router would affect SeaMonkey's ability to setup an email account
02:22wyatt8740No, i mean my irc client was cut off
02:22wyatt8740separate issue
02:23wyatt8740not sure if you saw when I said I was segfaulting the first time since the router was switched off within a few seconds of then
02:24wyatt8740yup it segfaults in the new profile too.
02:24wyatt8740right when i hit the "finish" button
02:25wyatt8740Is there a way to configure my account in plaintext in some config file, to avoid the wizard?
02:25wyatt8740(or a sqlite database, I'm not picky)
02:25ewongI don't believe there is.. it encrypted?
02:26ewongwyatt8740: at what point does it segfault?
02:26wyatt8740ewong: the moment i hit the finish button
02:26wyatt8740i'll graba screenshot
02:26ewongah finish button -> segfaults
02:26ewongI'm guessing there is some sort of data corruption..
02:26wyatt8740on that screen.
02:26wyatt8740brand new profile fixed nothing.
02:27wyatt8740so it'd have to be an internal problem
02:27wyatt8740casting or something
02:27ewongpossibly ;/ I'll need to try it out on alinux box
02:27wyatt8740this is an x86_64 build btw, though I don't know if that'll matter
02:27ewongwyatt8740: does it happen with POP?
02:28wyatt8740ewong: I don't really want to try and lose all my email on the gmail server
02:28wyatt8740but I can try it
02:28ewongwyatt8740: set it up, don't download the emails
02:30wyatt8740ewong: yep segfaults again
02:30wyatt8740same place
02:31wyatt8740not got debugging symbols because this is a laptop with limited space
02:32wyatt8740and other than this this build's worked fine for months
02:32wyatt8740huh, looks like some of the settings at least are in prefs.js
02:33wyatt8740mail.smtpserver.smtp1.username for instance
02:33wyatt8740so about:config
02:34ewongwyatt8740: interested in filing a bug on this?
02:34wyatt8740ewong: depending on how easy it is, sure. I do have the debugger addon from an experimental QT build of seamonkey I made a while ago
02:35wyatt8740*debug addon
02:35wyatt8740also need to remember what the hell my mozilla account was
02:35wyatt8740it's been years
02:35ewongwyatt8740: are all the information from your email address entry stored safely in about:config or is it missing some info?
02:36wyatt8740ewong: missing imap config, etc. only has the smtp stuff because I set that up via one of the menus in the program
02:36wyatt8740rather than the wizard
02:36wyatt8740edit -> mail & newsgroups account settings
02:36ewongwyatt8740: what about the pop version?
02:38ewonghere's an idea.. start SeaMonkey.. open the Error Console.. (clear whatever is in it) .. then start the account wizard
02:39wyatt8740which error console? and wont that close the moment we segfault?
02:39wyatt8740i have firebug if you mean that one
02:39wyatt8740or ctrl shift j
02:39ewongwyatt8740: if you use firebug, use it.. ctrl shift j one
02:39wyatt8740i mainly use firebug for things like theming
02:39wyatt8740not actually very good at using it
02:40wyatt8740will the console retain info after a segfault?
02:43ewongwyatt8740: well, hopefully it will 'flash' some sort of error before segfaulting
02:43wyatt8740the segfault happens the INSTANT that i hit finish
02:43wyatt8740do you think that's likely?
02:43ewongI dunno, tbh..
02:43wyatt8740i'm trying to figure out the about:config prefs that concern imap config
02:43ewongnot good with debugging linux-based segfaults
02:44wyatt8740if it was compiled with debug symbols i'd use gdb
02:48ewongif it couldn't save the imap stuff.. then something is wrong with the save-imap info to the config.. (just guessing... haven't touched the account wizard in a long time)
02:49wyatt8740currently "bootstrapping" it via about:config
02:49wyatt8740hope it works
02:49wyatt8740I'll try to investigate once I have sufficient disk space for compiling
02:49ewongwyatt8740: good luck... need to run some errands.. please do report back what you find
02:49wyatt8740I'm usually lurking here
02:51wyatt8740wonder if transferring prefs.js settings from thunderbird'll do it
02:58wyatt8740ewong: nope after importing a thunderbird profile that worked seamonkey segfaults the moment I try to execute it
02:58wyatt8740so it's something after that
03:00wyatt8740deleting all mail.* and mailnews.* entries in prefs.js makes it work again except for email
03:02wyatt8740ewong: Thread 1 "seamonkey" received signal SIG38, Real-time event 38.
03:02wyatt87400x00007ffff4076463 in ?? () from /seamonkey-2.46/
03:02wyatt8740from gdb
03:02wyatt8740so "at least we know it's in the single largest shared object in the entire program"
03:05wyatt8740also found a suspicious debian bug report from 2015
03:05wyatt8740about their thunderbird fork
03:07wyatt8740also redhat
03:08wyatt8740"Update Information: - Disabled null this gcc6 optimization"
03:08wyatt8740sooo... looks like it's gcc again.
03:08wyatt8740Gonna have to rebuild ff to use mail
05:25Mctherube_agone: i get: The requested topic does not exist.
05:31Mcthere are new localized akalla 2.49 builds in c-r
05:31* Mc installing
05:59Mcseems the akalla builds use gtk3 again
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06:16Xogiumwell well, that's a hell of a long time :D
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17:29frg_awayjakehm: Hi, were you able to figure out the Rust problem?
18:29wsmwkewong|away: can you drive in Bug 1346129? Or is it waiting on a question in another bug?
18:29thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Thunderbird 52.0 source step bustage
15 Mar 2017
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