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13 Sep 2017
02:07CharadonDoes anyone know how to make it where windows only shows the last tab I was in, instead of showing all the tabs when you hover over it on the taskbar?
06:09ewongwow.. methinks the nightly partial mars were generated
08:14* Mc looking in comm-esr o.o
08:17Mchm, tinderbox-builds seems to be the wrong place
08:21ewongMc comm-esr builds are failing.. because of using the default branch and not the relbranch.
08:32Mcso where are the builds to find then?
08:34Mcor the mars
09:00ewongMc no completed builds..
09:02ewongjust pushed some fixes... and retriggered the Linux64 esr build
09:02Mcah, thanks
09:37ewong|awayfrg_away: fwiw.. with the move of the mozillaRelBranch check to after the checkout step, the ESR build is now compiling..
12:24frg_awayewong|away cool.
17:32isaacschemmfrg_away: I found a couple bugs on bug 1284504 which I'm not sure how to fix. Also filed bug 1399481 for WebRTC and posted a patch.
17:32thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Responsive Design View does not load
17:32thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, UNCO, Enable WebRTC support by bypassing the missing permissions dialog
17:34frg_awayisaacschemm saw it. Did OS updates and will look into them. Not sure if I have time today or tomorrow. Thanks for testing. For webrtc I would rather integrate it into the normal preferences and permissions but let me look into it. Btw. I confused it with "hello" yesterday which was removed.
17:36isaacschemmfrg_away: Sounds good. I would prefer normal permissions dialog too but that would require more understanding of how the browser interacts with mozilla code.
17:39frg_awayisaacschemm I think if we fix bug 1323494 it should be easier. I looked at it but didn't have time yet.
17:39thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Port notification (doorhanger) changes to SeaMonkey from Bug 1282768 and Bug 1267604 and maybe other
14 Sep 2017
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