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13 Jul 2017
02:28werwolfHi, I think I could make / covert the SM-icons to SVG. Where are they stored in in the istallatio? I am looking for Frank in Bugzilla, with no luck.
02:28thebotBug 1169980 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Switch to SVG for reload stop go icons
06:19frg_awayMorning ewong|away
06:58frg_awayHi werwolf there isn't any bug for svg conversion yet.
06:59werwolfhi frg_away
06:59werwolfwell, I dont want that SM dies :(
07:00werwolfI would like to help a bit, but I dont know much.
07:01werwolfI have read that only 10 guys make SM still a live
07:02frg_awaywerwolf If we do any conversions the new icons would need to be vectorized. Otherwise we could just embed the image into the svg but it would no get use much.
07:02werwolfI think, it is necessary to have an oposite to comerce browsers like Chrome or Firefox, even the browsers themselfes are free.
07:03werwolfsure, I mean convert it is easy. Inkscape pakes it with one click.
07:03frg_awayAround 10 with the occasional contributor is correct. Actual source and building is more like 5 not counting infrequent contributions.
07:04werwolfyes, I read this:
07:05werwolfWith one guy less, you will be in serious problems
07:05werwolffrg_away: Could you tell me shortly about your plans?
07:06werwolfDo you plane rebuild compleatly SM with newer tecnologies?
07:06werwolfDid I understand it correctly?
07:06frg_awaywerwolf Still at work. Are you still up in 7-8h?
07:06werwolfNo addons, no XUL
07:07werwolffrg_away: I am in Argentina, now it is 4:07 a. m.
07:07werwolfGenerally I am wake all the time here
07:07werwolfall the night
07:08werwolfso, problaly, not, I wll heve to dream
07:08frg_awayvampire :) I don't have much time right now. Need to work. Either in 8h or maybe over the weekend.
07:08werwolfI like to work in the night
07:09werwolfok, PM me, when you are here
07:09werwolffrg_away: Are you in Europe?
07:10frg_awaywerwolf Yes Hamburg, Germany
07:10werwolfGuten Morgen nach Deutchland! Und das nchste Mal werden wir Deutsch sprechen!
07:11* werwolf ist Deutschlehrer und spricht Englisch scheie
07:11werwolfmoin! Und einen schnen Tag fr Dich.
07:12frg_awaywerwolf oki.
07:13werwolfIch werde versuchen um 13 Uhr hiesger Zeit online zu sein, sei es eine Weile.
07:15frg_awaywerwolf just ping me. If I am near the monitor I will respond.
07:16werwolfwerde ich machen und jetzt lasse ich dich englich ruhig arbeiten. Danke :)
11:50WG9sfrg_away: It now appears that both of the UI issues with Windows 7 classic desktop can be reproduced in a new firefox build, so it would seem neither is a SeaMonkey bug.
11:53frg_awayWG9s Interesting. Hope they fix it. Probably only needs some css which got removed.
12:00WG9sfrg_away: will be easier also because there are saved nightly builds for firefox for each night going back to the beginning of time.
12:01frg_awayWG9s as long as they do not declare it as a feature for Photon :)
12:03WG9sfrg_away: even if they do they would ahve to have the browser give some kind of error if you try to aunch it under Windows 7 sith the "Windows Classic" desktop theme. becuase the way it work with todays build is the UI does not work well enough to exit the browser short of using "End Task" from the windows task manager.
12:04frg_awayWG9s If you have a bug number we should make ours depend on the Fx change.
12:04WG9sI can do that . I have not yet searched for an existing bug so have not filed one
12:09WG9sfrg_away: hmm might be also something they did to fix display issues under windows 10 classic that broke windows 7 cassic
12:09WG9sI am rebooting the laptop with windows 10 to see what that looks like.
13:01isaacschemmJust read the logs. If any of you need to test "Windows Classic" theme but only have Windows 8/10, this can do the trick
13:01isaacschemmIt does get detected as malware, because it works by deliberately breaking some stuff in memory, so just be aware :)
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15:48therube_agoneWG9s: Bug 1380629 In latest nightly switching to the classical theme in Windows 7 breaks user interface for Firefox
15:48thebotBug maj, --, ---, nobody, NEW, In latest nightly switching to the classical theme in Windows 7 breaks user interface for Firefox
16:46frg_awaytherube_agone Seems to be caused by bug 1373079
16:46thebotBug nor, P1, mozilla56, dothayer, RESO FIXED, nsNativeThemeWin::GetWidgetBorder and nsNativeThemeWin::GetMinimumWidgetSize are too slow
19:02WG9sfrg_away: thanks for finding the regressor for me. My build system was still busy doing my daily Firfox build so I could not use it to work on this until after you found the issue.
19:03WG9sfrg_away: also it seems I was wrong in thinking i saw the same isue fo the missing seperators in Firfox between the toolbars as on SeaMNonkey it turns out Firfox never displayed seperators under win 7 classic.
19:04WG9sso I am back with I have a 6 week window of changes to sift through. what was the command you told me to use yesterday? I stupidly forgot we were in PM mode so would not be int he log for the channel.
19:04WG9sand, am i correct that thonly builds we save are the last nightly for each rev? that is all i have been able to find online.
19:05frg_awayWG9s Was pretty easy with TortoiseHg. You already gave a regression range and I just stepped thru the theme changes for the last days. This couldn't be it so looked for Windows specific changes and this one caught my eye. I really like the tool :)
19:06WG9sOK. but as far as Seamonkey nightlies, we dont save them all?
19:06WG9sprobably due to lack of space to do so?
19:07frg_awayWG9s Builds break so often there isn't always one for every day.
19:09WG9sfrg_away: but the only directory i can find that even has back version builds is this, and it only has the last build for each version.
19:09frg_awaymib_kxvchl Grettings++
19:11WG9sfrg_away: thanks now i should be more able to figure out the toolbar seprator issue.
19:11WG9sjust need to do my own download a build and test to get the range to much less than 6 weeks.
19:11WG9sanother thng that would help sould be if we had more info in the .txt files
19:13WG9sfrg_away: oh I see some else has figured that out too the recent ones actually have what I was looking for. the old ones only had a buildid. the comm-central rev and mozilla-central rev is exactly what i wantd.
19:15WG9sfrg_away: I started out with a basic I could not figure out if it ws a mozilla-central change that broke this, or less likely but still possible a comm-central build because i could not get the 3/17 version of comm-central to build with the 1/23 version of moz-central or vice-versa
19:16frg_awayWg9s yes the build system changes constantly Gives ewong a bad headache once a week me a smaller one and evryone else no builds... Not aware of any theme changes in the last months which could have caused this.
19:17WG9sWHat would also be nice would be if we could figure out some way to get about:buildconfig for comm-central builds to include a line with the mozilla-central revision.
19:18frg_awayWG9s try hg log -T {rev}^M -r file('path:toolkit/themes')
19:18frg_awayHow about Bug 1350881
19:18thebotBug nor, --, mozilla55, dao+bmo, RESO FIXED, Clean up button styling for Windows Classic
19:19frg_awayBug 1350326
19:19thebotBug nor, --, mozilla55, dao+bmo, RESO FIXED, Remove legacy fallback borders from textbox.css
19:20frg_awayBug 1343196
19:20thebotBug nor, --, mozilla54, barun.parruck, RESO FIXED, Remove border and background fallback styling from toolbar.css
19:20WG9shmm the socnd one sound really good maybe i will just look at those and forget tyring to bisect.
19:22WG9smain reason i like bisecting is the mozilla-central people seem to like a backout proved this to be the regressor, but if you cannot get it to backout clanly they seem to also accept "hg bisect said this:" as good enough for them.
19:23WG9sIT is also just a more auromated way to do what I used to do manually back when we used to use CVS.
19:25frg_awayWG9s Different background. I never learned how to do this properly so I just try to understand what is going on and where it fails. But I think bisecting with the thousends of file changes is pretty hard now.
19:25WG9sWell a little less intelligent but easier to jsut let run on a machine till i get an answer. I used to apply some inteligence like when finding the next midpoint shift it around changes that looked benign as far as the issue was concerned so would not pick the midpoint but shift it to the next pssble regressor.
19:26WG9sIt is harder with windows only bugs becuase windows builds take so long. i ususally do this on my linux bux
19:28WG9sfrg_away: even though for the most part jsut doing dependency builds with a few files changes it takes so damned long to ling xul.dll that it takes forever to do a biasect under windows.
19:29frg_awayWG9s. In the case of the borders I am pretty sure it is a fallback style removal or another change and we need to fix it in our css. Like the stupid about change.
19:29WG9sthe border fallback sounds like a winner. i will try that erither tonight or tomorrow. i have to shut down for a bit becuase my hose cleaners are due.
19:30WG9sbut will try that probably tonight.
19:31frg_awayNeed to fix up the image bug but can't concentrate.Still a little ill from the cold. Will probably cash in soon. I will do a quick test and let you know.
19:32WG9sfrg_away: don;t bother i will try. just need to log off for an hour than can work on it
20:25frg_awayWG9s found 2 of the bugs causing it. Just going to bed now. Sent you an email. n8.
14 Jul 2017
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