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13 Aug 2017
09:52frg_awayisaacschemm you shouldn't have a problem with email in 2.49.1 Maybe add-on related.
15:48Mcseems akalla esr builds need an update, looking at fx52.x esr release notes. though there is still the server issue: bug 1383642
15:48Mcshould/could Adrian be supported there to emphasize the importance he mentioned?
15:48thebotBug cri, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, OVH servers are down (e.g.,
16:36frg_awayMc > should/could Adrian be supported there to emphasize the importance he mentioned?
16:36frg_awayWithout sounding too cynical. How? I think they know what to do and the provider is slow to restore the data as far as I see it. I am rather putting my energy into getting 2.49.1 out and then helping ewong that we get our own infra.
17:25Mcfrg_away: i didn't ask just you. so let's see what can be done here to push the matter on. we need up to date akalla builds as long as the official 2.49.1 builds are missing
17:50frg_awayMc I know. I just think nothing can be done to speed it up.
18:12isaacschemmfrg_away: my problem was theme related. ("Classic Firefox theme for SeaMonkey") So I'm on the default theme for now.
18:15frg_awayisaacschemm. Maybe something fo the release notes if it is a popular theme (which I think it is) and not fixed by then. Keep an eye on bug 1346939. We plan to do a release branch for mozilla-esr52 together with TB. Especially for OSX support we need some fixed form upstream.
18:15thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.49.1 from ESR branch
18:31isaacschemmfrg_away: good idea. Other themes like XPFE-Classic have the issue as well.
14 Aug 2017
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