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12 Sep 2017
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06:25frg_awayMorning ewong
06:33ewongfrg_away: howdy!
06:35frg_awayewong happiniess factor of IanN|Away wasn't high with the l10n branches :) but he didin't have another idea. Was here yesterday evening.
06:35ewongfrg_away: ok.. then I'll figure a way to get it to recognize per-locale cset and relbranch
06:36ewongIanN|Away: ^
06:41frg_awayI think he wanted to do it. Imho one time only and less work than hacking the configs. With the unified l10n trees we probably don't need this in the future.
06:42ewongfrg_away: the option is still there if you guys feel it's a pain.. the problem with that is IanN'll need to actually push something to the tree to create the relbranch.. though I could be wrong
06:43frg_awayewong Yeahh not sure what happens with a tag? Would this work?
06:44ewongtbh, not entirely sure.. in the past I've tried to push relbranch creations to the tree only to find out that I need to have a change
06:44ewongneed to look up the info on tagging..
06:47ewongIanN|Away: ^ if tagging a relbranch requires a change, then we'll need to use a different method..
06:57ewongIanN|Away: I think I have a solution to the issue.. doing all that tagging is a pita.
08:23ewong[Always look on the bright side of life..] - Life of Brian (Monty Python Flying Circus)
08:25ewong[I got you, babe...] - Sonny & Cher
08:25ewong[If life was not life and not life was life, what is death?] - Anonymous
08:28ewonghey Ratty.. how are you doing?
08:30ewong[Are you talking to me?]
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08:32ewongheads up: gonna spam !seen
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08:33thebotI've never seen a 'CTho', sorry.
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08:42ewongwow.. 2013..
08:42ewonglol... "samsung phones do not burn you"
13:19isaacschemmfrg_away (etc): would you be interested in a patch that adds the "WebRTC Override" functionality from my extension to the suite code? It would just be an option in the tools menu to toggle media.navigator.permission.disabled on and off. Default would be off (unlike AOL!)
13:19isaacschemmMake that (etc:) lol
13:44frg_awayisaacschemm I think this also needs a notification doorhanger and a new permission change in the Data Manager. Could you check this too. Wasn't the feature deprecated and on the removal list?
13:45isaacschemmfrg_away: Which feature? I looked into the notification doorhanger once but couldn't figure out how to get it to work. My extension is just a workaround.
13:46frg_awayisaacschemm webrtc support. I thought this is being removed?
13:46frg_awaymight be wrong.
13:48isaacschemmfrg_away: no, WebRTC is still in use: Chrome has it too and Safari is going to add it soon.
13:50frg_awayisaacschemm If the support is complete I would put it in. IanN|Away would need to decide ultimately.
13:51isaacschemmfrg_away: OK. When I have time I'll work on a patch and describe how it works in a new bug. Might be tonight or next week.
13:51frg_awayisaacschemm No hurry. 2.54 is so broken it needs some love first. And don't as me about extension support... Thanks Mozilla #*%$.
13:52frg_awayisaacschemm If you find some time maybe you can look at bug 1284504. Seems to work more or less but I am sure missed something.
13:52thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Responsive Design View does not load
13:53isaacschemmfrg_away: ok. Is the patch against comm-central or comm-esr52?
13:53frg_awayisaacschemm comm-central but should apply to esr52 too with minimal changes.
13:54frg_awayTested with comm-beta.
13 Sep 2017
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