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12 Jul 2017
03:46werwolf02hi, there where can I find bugzilla, want to try to confirme some bugs
04:06werwolfI want to help you a bit, if I can 8-)
04:07werwolftherube: hi, are you around?
04:09werwolfhi thebot
04:09thebotyo werwolf
04:09werwolfI have read this
04:10werwolfI would like to help to SM
04:10werwolfif I can
04:10werwolfI would like to convert the icons to svg, for example
04:10werwolfor something
04:10werwolfdo you know soemthing about it
04:11werwolfand what I do there?
04:11werwolfor how?
04:17werwolfor anything else ...
04:17therubewerwolf: start by reading through bugs. search & find ones that interest you. if it's SVG, add that into the (search) mix.
04:17therubefrg: would be better to ask about this, to get you started, confirming bugs & such.
04:17therubethe fellow on the blog, rainer, i think is his name, would be another good one to ask.
04:17therubehe's a "bug confirmer maven" ;-).
04:17therubebest to read, get a feel for how things work, read some more... then throw your efforts into the mix.
04:17therubeas far as coding, & submitting that, i'd be clueless.
04:19werwolfwell, I confirmed bugs in the past or did some tests
04:20werwolfbut I couls search for svg in the bugzilla, sure
04:26therube"rainer", oh i see, there are two "rainer". frg: is one, & "Rainer Bielefeld" is another. the second is very active in confirming bugs on bugzilla. (the first is active in fixing them :-) ).
04:28therubewerwolf: frg: could probably point you right to the SVG bug. might also do a search on mozillazine. if you can do it, go for it. (it would seem Frank, the English Frank isn't going to do it - but you never know).
04:30werwolfok, so I will search for svg bugs in bugzill and for Frank
04:32* werwolf is setting his search engines to duckduckgo
06:48frg_awayI bet the Sheriffs will love it :)
09:03Mc2.48mac looks complete and so does all of 2.48 :-)
09:05Mcit's build1 but anyway
12:12WG9sfrg_away: Hi!
12:12frg_awayHi Wg9s
12:15WG9sfrg_away: so a few things 1. the l10n fix for find-dupes re-landed today and i think this version should stick. this would make it possible to greatly reduce the size of our allowed-dups list, however since I have no idea aobut the status of basing on mozilla-central rather than the esr mozilla code I am not going to submit a patch to remove the no longer needed entries yet.
12:16WG9sfrg_away: 2. your mailnews security patch has bit-rotted becuase of changes to
12:17WG9sfrg_away: and 3. the lack of border around toolbars at the screen top under windows 7 classic desktop theme seems to be an issue for Firefox also.
12:18WG9sfrg_away: anyway I am going to workon the lack of menus first as that would seem to be a more pressing issue
12:21WG9sfrg_away: I did not post an updated patch for the mailnews thing tothe bug becuase it looked like a new version would be coming soon anyway based ont eh feedback comments.
12:22frg_awayWG9s I will probably update it over the weekend.
13 Jul 2017
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