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11 Jul 2017
07:40ewongfrg: we're doing a 2.49 beta, right? or is that 2.49.1 beta?
07:41ewongoh jeez.. we need to build off esr
10:10Mc2.48mac building seems to work now :-)
12:25WG9s!seen frg|away
12:25thebotI've never seen a 'frg|away', sorry.
12:25WG9s!seen frg_away
12:25thebotfrg_away was last seen 20 hours, 29 minutes and 27 seconds ago, saying 'Adn there are three bugs for 2.49.1 which still need to be adressed so we couldn't start this week anyway. ' in #seamonkey.
12:39McWG9s: he reads the log
12:42WG9sMc: was trying to get an idea of timeframe of e=when he might be online to chat based on when last online
12:50McWG9s: if he is busy today he might come in in about 2 hours (5pm CEST)
15:44therube_agonehow do you view the CC list (these days) in Bugzilla ?
15:44thebotBug 1329731 nor, P2, mozilla54, lgreco, RESO FIXED, Disabling JavaScript breaks Web Extensions
15:45araiunder "People", click "7 people" next to "CC"
15:45therube_agoneoh, never mind, you have to actually log in first.
15:46araiwow, I didn't know that it's unavailable without login
16:04Mctherube_agone: without login go to bottom>format bug>legacy>et voil
16:06therube_agoneMc: THANK YOU. legacy is *so* much better.
16:10Mctherube_agone: right :-) i've set ChatZilla to get bugs in legacy, btw
17:40frg_awayWG9s. Not much good for anything today. Severe headcache. Looks just like light case of a summer cold. Should be back on track tomorrow or Thursday. Crashing in early today.
17:43frg_awayJust tested the 2.48 en-US and de candidates under Windows. Seems to work fine :)
12 Jul 2017
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