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10 Aug 2017
02:09therubeso with my 88 windows & 1418 tabs, new Profile, FF 55 x64, i was using ~10 GB RAM & CPU never subsided.
02:09therubeadding NoScript into the mix, & i'm at ~4 GB RAM. this is without actually using the browser, simply loaded from Session Restore.
02:09therube& he shows that his 1491 tabs are using .5 GB RAM. something's not jiving. suppose he's got his 1491 opened in a single window?
02:09theruberemove a couple "tab stat" extensions & restart & now using ~2 GB RAM. also using multiprocess - which i don't /think/ it was using before?
02:09therubeso yes, probably better. still not getting to his numbers.
02:09therubeanyhow, while FF may be an offshoot of seamonkey, it is so bastardized in comparison, it really infuriates a user (me) when trying to use it.
02:37* Mc has most tabs sorted in bookmark toolbar folders and subfolders and just a few in session manager sessions (to get things restored there, if it works...)
02:40therubemight work in Nightly, ?
07:26* ewong wonders if IanN is the same as IanNAway
08:04frg_awayMorning ewong. Looks like IanN|Away has uncloned himself :)
08:05ewongmornin frg_away! whatcha doing here? I thought you were on a vacation and heading to Balconya... wherever that is
08:07frg_awayewong Balcony as in gallery with an a :D Staying at home with all my things to fiddle around with and relaxing is what I like best.
08:09frg_awayEnglish translation: in their own backyard
08:18frg_awayewong will look at the test patches after repairing the tree. Running tests would be great but it will be a sea of blood. I usually skipped them when repairing things.
08:18ewongfrg_away: trust me.. it *IS* a sea of blood..
08:18ewongor purple
08:19frg_awayewong it will become just a different shade of red :) Probably best to repair them with rs=testonly when they are running again or IanN really will need cloning :)
08:21ewongplus the fact that since we haven't run our tests in a long time.. it could be we're running them in the wrong way...
08:22frg_awayewong TB test still run. Couldn't we borrow some code there?
08:22ewongfrg_away: probably.. though don't they run mozmill and not mochitests?
08:22ewongermm and not mochitest/xpcshelltests/crashtests/reftests?
08:23frg_awayewong beats me but I think yes. jorgk or tomprince should know.
08:23ewongwait.. they probably do run Xpcshell tests
10:30WG9sfrg_away: what's upwith my build fialurese in smileIApplication.idl?
10:30frg_awayWG9s patience. give me 10 minutes.
10:31WG9sfrg_away: OK
10:32frg_awayWG9s The 10 minutes are up. Please retry :)
10:33WG9sfrg_away: well i ended up fireing off my firefox builds first so will take a bit
10:33frg_awayWG9s DOMi is also patched up.
10:49WG9sfrg_away: OK I cancelled the fennec build so started the liunx seamonkey build. I can;t really start the windows build until the firefox one finishes. I don't have the windows capacity to do 2 builds simultaneously.
10:53frg_awayWG9s should work. But tested only the 2 parts together. Will need to retest this.
10:57WG9sfrg_away: and then there is the crap shoot on what mozzila-central new things to crate new bustage I will pick up in my build
10:57frg_awayWG9s its called progress! Ok, not really :)
10:58WG9sfrg_away: i normally fire off my builds at 12:30 am pacific time to try to get the same changesets as the oficial nightlies.
11:04WG9sfrg_away: has any consideration been ever given to building our nightlies off the mozilla-beta repository instead of mozilla-central to avoid so many fire drills?
11:06frg_awayWG9s no we need to build the tree. It would probably be nice to build beta more often but with one OSX builder left and one Windows loaner this is something for the new infrastructure to consider.
13:27frg_awayWG9s latest comm-central was broken. Just fixed it. frg the looser put a typo in a NIT-fix for a patch.
13:31WG9sfrg_away: ;-)
13:34* Xogium will kill his isp
13:34Xogiumfound a new way to make it impossible to go around their stupid router/modem combo
13:36frg_awayHi Xogium what is up?
13:42XogiumI spent 5 f***** days trying to make my own router from scratch starting with an espressobin board from marvell, only to pull my hair trying to connect to the isp
13:42Xogiumand this morning I learn I can't
13:43Xogiumback in the day of the previous model the ONT was a separate box, that's why you could bypass it so easily
13:45Xogiumso I have a fully working router that will never be able to connect to the isp network using PPPoE. Just bloody wonderful
13:46Xogiumyeah because they are stupid enough to, 1) use vlan 35, 2) use PPPoE over fibre, 3) lock us down with their shitty stuff. No ssh, no telnet, no serial console, just their stupid web ui
13:47Xogiumand of course, to make matter fun, we have phone, tv and internet
13:48frg_awayXogium. I use my own router. There is now a law here that they can't lock down the hook-up and force you to use their shitty stuff.
13:52Xogiumwhat a nice place you live in
13:53frg_awayNot always. Shopping time. bbl.
14:32McGijs (in in german!): "es ist mehr, dass es so tausenden nderungen (von Hunderte Autoren) gab zwischen 54 und 55, und fr diese sachen (lesezeichen, meistbesuchten seiten etc.) ist der hauptautor jetzt nicht erreichbar. normaleweise schauen wir die meiste problemen mit Nightly und Beta versionen schon an, was jetzt passiert ist (glcklich) seldsam..."
11 Aug 2017
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