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29 Jun 2017
05:01* hogarth quietly wishes that the location bar commands/keywords had basic substitution capability for the args
06:33Mc doesn't load here today
06:34frg_awayMc here too. waiting waiting waiting
06:45Mason385frg_away: hi! :-)
06:45frg_awayMason385 Hi
06:46Mason385frg_away: we're answering the same bug reports :-)
06:46Mason385I really dislike mozilla's policy wrt "security" issues
06:46Mason385they close bugs way too long
06:47Mason385s/close/hide s/bugs/bug reports
06:49frg_awayMason385 well it helps us somewhat because the fact is that we are not up to date with releases. Can't access them unless someone ccs me to them. Will see if I get some information out of mercurial tomorrow.
06:50frg_awayThe other one should be fixed by upgrading ram. Windows 10 is a sh*thole and 2GB not enough.
06:51Mason385frg_away: hmmm, first guy had 2 crash sigs
06:52frg_awayI even bought a used 8.1 license to be covered till 2023. Never thought I would praise 8.1 over somethjing else but Win 10 is soo bad :)
06:53Mason385why do so many people keep using windows? (says the guy from a win7 laptop)
06:53frg_awayMason385 Mozilla blacklists driver versions all the time. Might be an additional bug in the Nvidia drivers. But might be ram related too so first things first.
06:54Mason385frg_away: I meant these
06:55frg_awayMason285 because Linux is a mess (says someone who also uses it occasionally and as a server)
06:55Mason385285 is a moron, I'm 385 :-)
06:56Mason385Windows is a mess too
06:58frg_awayMason385 frg has sticky fingers. types too fast. The crashes all point to the secured bug. And Windows 7 is less mess for me. Which doesn't mean I like it but gnome 3 and the latest kde incarnations make me puke.
06:59Mason385Ah yes, the "let's copy win8 age" of gnome 3, unity, and that great stuff
07:00frg_awaythe fun thing is M$ took the bad parts form Linux for 10 (rolling releases, shitty mobile like interface and constant ever changing bugs). Togther with the snooping not acceptable.
07:00Mason385snooping was helpfully back-ported to 8 and 7, IIUC
07:01frg_awayMason285. Disables automatic updates and running wsusoffline every month. Security only updates. Works fine. No diagtrack.dll on all my systems.
07:02frg_awayoppe 285 again :)
07:05Mason385frg_away: don't you use auto-completion? mas[TAB] ?
07:06frg_awayMason385 no. I am a cZ noob somewhat.
07:06Mason385I type frg[TAB] ;-)
07:08frg_awayMason385 doens't work her. tab cycles thru Windows. Addon?
07:09Mason385chatilla is my addon :-)
07:09frg_awayhere too
07:09Mason385just TAB, not ALT-TAB right?
07:09frg_awayjust tab
07:10Mason385for me it works in win7 and linux, no fuss
07:11frg_awayseeing nothing in the prefs.
07:18Mason385gotta run, see you around :-)
08:15Mcfrg_away: tab doesn't work in multi-line input
08:40Mcbtw there is even more completion by tab
09:04frg_awayMc ahh that is what I use
29 Jun 2017
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