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19 Aug 2017
07:04Mcbug 1391525
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08:15Mcthanks, btw
10:58tonymec|awayfrg_away: I wrote a paragraph about thye deprecated-symbols catastrophe at the end of , please review.
11:01frg_awaytonymec|away Send me a copy of NTT. I will see if I can fix it up.
11:06tonymec|awayfrg: you can git-clone it at -- to produce an xpi, run "ant" with no arguments in the top nightlytt directory of the clone. The ant utility exists under Linux, I don't know about other platforms.
11:10tonymec|awayfrg_away: P.S. For SeaMonkey you need to merge branch branch-issue-129-platform-changeset in order to tell apart the mozilla-* and comm-* changeset IDs.
11:10frg_awaytonymec|away I just downloaded the 3.10 xpi
11:13tonymec|awayfrg_away: P.P.S. that branch is in the xabolcs clone of NTT
11:25frg_awaytonymec|away. This only requires 3 mini changes in nightly.js as far as I see it. See link in private session
11:28tonymec|awayfrg_away: have you got a github account? You could upload your modified source there permanently, rather than temporarily on pinballz
11:30frg_awaytonymec|away no. Have enough on my hands already. The changes were to nightly.js. nsILocalFile to nsIFile and prefBranchInternal to prefBranch.
11:30frg_awaythat is it but didn't test everything.
11:36tonymec|awayfrg_away: hm. So far so good, thanks.
11:38frg_awaytonymec|away. This is the stock 3.10. Just changed version to 3.11 and nightly.js in it.
11:38frg_awayneed to go. bbl later.
19:01IZhfrg_away: My hos is Win7/64.
19:03frg_awayIZh If you want I can upload my 2.49.1 x64 The one I am just typing this with :)
19:05IZhfrg_away: I'm a bit confused with versions. The one I've got earlier from says that it's 2.51. Current official release is 2.48 and you offer me 2.49.1 :-)
19:06IZhMy current user ageint is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:54.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/54.0 SeaMonkey/2.51
19:08frg_awayAfter 2.48 2.49.1 will be the next version. We will be switching to the ESR branch so that we have more time to fix bugs. 2.51 is form the release branch. It has numerous problems. 2.52 also. I am currerntly making Beta 2.53 ship shape but it is not there yet. IF you want a test version I would recommend 2.53 but it has known problems. If you want stability 2.49.1.
19:11IZhfrg_away: Thanks for explanation. Let's go stable. (Unless tesing has some new important things.)
19:12IZhfrg_away: Please upload your 2.49.1 x64 version.
19:13frg_awayIZh one moment
19:13IZhfrg_away: But does it contain any improvements over my current testing?
19:13IZhIt's always hard to compare two development branches. :-/
19:16frg_awayIZh Yes 2.51 contained several regressions especially in mail and news.. If you didn't run into any of them you probably won't notice a difference. I am currently using 2.49.1 for daily browsing and 2.53 for testing an mail/news.
19:16IZhfrg_away: I
19:17IZhfrg_away: I'm using Thunderbird currently for mail.
19:17IZhfrg_away: So I'm more interesting in HTML5.1 support and fixed CVEs related to web-browsing.
19:19IZh(I still didn't spend a time for setting-up Lightning addon for SM, so still using Thunderbird)
19:20frg_awayIZh If you want bleeding edge html give me a few more days for 2.53. I need to integrate 2 bug fixes then it should be quite usable.
19:21IZhfrg_away: Ok. I will wait. :-) Thanks.
19:21IZhfrg_away: First of all I'm interested in fixed CVEs that could bring security problems, second -- HTML features for browsing modern sites.
19:23frg_away2.49.1 is at Firefox 52.3 ESR level and current when it comes to security. 2.53 is Fx 56 and more than current.
19:24IZhfrg_away: I guess all security fixes go to 2.53 too :-)
19 Aug 2017
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