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21 Apr 2017
05:03GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 created WIP-server-string-extraction (+3 new commits):
05:03GitHubscreenshots/WIP-server-string-extraction 4efde80 Jared Hirsch: identify strings to be extracted
05:03GitHubscreenshots/WIP-server-string-extraction a975e73 Jared Hirsch: add fluent-react
05:03GitHubscreenshots/WIP-server-string-extraction dd36084 Jared Hirsch: WIP partial extraction, still need to finish shot and shotindex
05:06_6a68jgruen: that dd36084 commit is a not-quite-complete set of strings. part of the shot page is missing, as well as the shotindex page. I added TODOs for the strings that seemed in particular need of product attention. I'll round up the last few strings tomorrow
09:18GitHub[screenshots] MikkCZ opened issue #2724: Change "Save" button text to something more suitable
10:02GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2348: Current list of failing tests...
10:08GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2319: We've now got a scripted way of exporting to mozilla-central (#2407)....
10:11GitHub[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
10:11GitHubscreenshots/master 30ce1ea Besnik Bleta: Pontoon: Update Albanian (sq) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
11:44GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean opened issue #2725: The selection buttons are not entirely visible, if a selection with reduced width is performed near the left part of the window
12:12GitHub[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
12:12GitHubscreenshots/master 57cd3b9 Ale Puffo: Pontoon: Update Ligurian (lij) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
14:51GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean commented on issue #2708: I have retested this issue and is no longer reproducible using the latest Screenshots custom build (dev and stage servers). ...
14:55GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean commented on issue #2697: @dannycoates I have noticed that on "" page, the Test Pilot references are still displayed. The Test Pilot references are also displayed on dev server....
15:30GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean commented on issue #2648: @dannycoates I have retested this issue on Screenshots stage server. It seems that the website favicons are not displayed and the favicon links redirects you to a 404 page....
18:10GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates commented on issue #2648: @SoftVision-CosminMuntean this fix is in the addon. It's on master but not in m-c yet
18:12GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates commented on issue #2697: @SoftVision-CosminMuntean I don't think stage has this code yet
18:16GitHub[screenshots] ckprice commented on issue #2725: Seems pretty edgecasey.
18:16GitHub[screenshots] ckprice commented on issue #2725: /cc @johngruen
18:17GitHub[screenshots] ckprice commented on issue #2724: User research noted that Save performed well, in addition we're looking at a more holistic strategy for this communication. Thank you for the report!
18:31GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to master:
18:31GitHubscreenshots/master a9c7f67 Ian Bicking: Change version to 6.4.0 and update CHANGELOG
18:31GitHub[screenshots] ianb tagged 6.4.0 at master:
18:32GitHub[screenshots] ianb merged master into stable:
18:39cloudops-ansiblescreenshots build #28: building mozilla/pageshot:6.4.0
18:48cloudops-ansiblescreenshots build #28: ami in stage failed /cc relud
18:49ianbickingoh darn. miles-pto ^^ (or... if you are PTO, we can pick it up on Monday)
19:41ckpricebacked out in beta :'(
19:48fzzzyaww, why?
20:18miles-ptoianbicking: I'll redeploy it in an hour or two
20:18miles-ptoIt's a
20:18miles-ptoLittle too gorgeous in Portland right now
20:28GitHub[screenshots] ianb created dont-select-on-scroll (+1 new commit):
20:28GitHubscreenshots/dont-select-on-scroll 50cd275 Ian Bicking: Fix #2698, disable selection after a scroll event when the mouseup is in the scroll area
20:28GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened pull request #2726: Fix #2698, disable selection after a scroll event when the mouseup is (master...dont-select-on-scroll)
20:42GitHub[screenshots] ianb created force-onboarding (+1 new commit):
20:42GitHubscreenshots/force-onboarding 48b37fe Ian Bicking: Fix #2643, force onboarding when you visit /#hello
20:42GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened pull request #2727: Fix #2643, force onboarding when you visit /#hello (master...force-onboarding)
20:54GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2728: Run in npm run test
21:05GitHub[screenshots] ianb created attempt-npm-update (+1 new commit):
21:05GitHubscreenshots/attempt-npm-update 0446cd3 Ian Bicking: A somewhat failed attempt at updating modules
21:06GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2729: Fix updated modules
21:08ianbickinghave a good weekend all, I am also heading out to enjoy the fine weather!
21:13GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted selenium-tests at 54aa574:
21:13GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted update-metrics-for-deviceid at d29ed92:
21:13GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted tooltips at 95afb8e:
21:26pdehaanianb: miles-pto: is anybody using stage, or can us punks run some load testery?
21:26pdehaanianbicking: ^^
21:30miles-ptoUnknown go me
21:30miles-ptoLatest build is not out
22:14pdehaandcoates: _6a68: is there a way to change the server endpoint to stage in about:Config, now that we're in Nightly?
22:23dcoatespdehaan: no.
22:54pdehaanwhat would the best way to manually verify stage server? Disable the bundled Screenshots add-on and install the add-on manually via
23:01_6a68pdehaan: I'm not sure if the patch that properly shuts down the system addon has been uplifted to nightly, so if you just care about the stage server, I'd install the addon into dev edition
23:02_6a68that said, if you install the addon over top of the one in nightly, you'll know it worked if you see the network traffic flowing to the stage server, not the production server
22 Apr 2017
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