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19 May 2017
00:06_6a68clouserw: ok, links added
00:07clouserwI'll send it out
08:17GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CiprianMuresan commented on issue #2651: The issue is no longer reproducible with shots taken with Screenshots from the latest Nightly build.
16:20GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2860: "My Shots" link on shot doesn't work running locally
17:45GitHub[screenshots] relud closed issue #2427: Add HPKP header
17:50_6a68ianbicking: do you want to response to these bugzilla bugs, or shall I? 1366026 and 1366041
17:56mahejgruen _6a68 I have a conflict that I need to be at.. I can't make it to today's standup
17:56maheplease let me know if there's specific action items for me
18:15_6a68jgruen: hey, could I see your notetaker notes from this morning's UR session? want to see how much work taht would entail
18:15GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates pushed 1 new commit to master:
18:15GitHubscreenshots/master 6c13273 Danny Coates: Merge pull request #2852 from mozilla-services/dmca-notice-language...
18:15GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates closed issue #2836: Update line in blocked page
18:18GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates closed issue #2810: URLs to og:image and twitter:image metadata should be fully qualified
18:19GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates pushed 1 new commit to master:
18:19GitHubscreenshots/master 53b3424 Danny Coates: Merge pull request #2854 from mozilla-services/takedown-docs...
18:19GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates closed issue #2739: Document DMCA takedown process
18:21GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates closed pull request #2855: Change image domain (master...change-image-domain)
18:21GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates closed issue #2300: Host images on an isolated domain
18:21_6a68ianbicking: we can collaborate in the lazybutton branch. the only change I haven't landed is to turn the prefObserver back on, I can push that to the branch now
18:22ianbickingjgruen: theres an existing string in Firefox for Screenshot, but not Take a screenshot thoughts?
18:22GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 pushed 1 new commit to lazybutton:
18:22GitHubscreenshots/lazybutton 04a8d16 Jared Hirsch: Turn prefObserver back on...
18:26cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #23: building mozilla/screenshots:latest
18:28ianbickingmaybe you dont need to download a localized version of Firefox to change locales
18:29cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #24: building mozilla/screenshots:latest
18:30cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #23: mozilla/screenshots:latest deployed to Dev
18:31cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #25: building mozilla/screenshots:latest
18:31_6a68ianbicking: oh yeah?
18:31ianbicking_6a68: came upon an example:
18:31ianbickingI dont think youll have the language packs normally, but at least our add-on would localize
18:32cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #26: building mozilla/screenshots:latest
18:32cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #25: deploy failed /cc relud
18:33cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #24: mozilla/screenshots:latest deployed to Dev
18:34GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2861: Add locale pref to run-addon
18:35cloudops-ansiblescreenshots-dev build #26: mozilla/screenshots:latest deployed to Dev
18:41GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2862: Add instructions to Screenshots Pontoon for viewing/using dev
18:43GitHub[screenshots] flodolo commented on issue #2862: It can be added to the project info...
18:43GitHub[screenshots] flodolo commented on issue #2862: It can be added to the project info...
18:59GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2863: Very large image doesn't load
19:04GitHub[screenshots] flodolo commented on issue #2862: Actually, I realized that we had the old website linked as resource, I've updated it with the new link, and added it to the main description.
19:13GitHub[screenshots] dannycoates commented on issue #2863: The img tag is referencing http not https
19:16ianbickingrelud: miles: an intermittent problem we had before with http instead of https has shown up again:
19:17ianbickingmiles fixed it with some nginx configuration (forcing an X-Forwarded-Proto: https header I believe), is there any chance that could have gotten lost?
19:22GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2863: Arg! This bug again. We had intermittent problems with this before, and the person who made this shot did successfully make another shot, so it wasn't a consistent problem. @milescrabill made some operational fixes which fixed this, but @relud has been changing the configuration some, I wonder if it could have been undone? Maybe we should revisit #2734 again.
19:22GitHub[screenshots] ianb reopened issue #2734: Make protocol configurable
19:23reludianbicking: in stage?
19:23ianbickingrelud: in prod
19:23reludlemme check that we deployed that to prod with 7.0.0
19:24ianbickingrelud: the site reads X-Forwarded-Proto to figure out the protocol, but sometimes that header seems to be missing (at least thats our best theory)
19:24ianbickingrelud: and miles fixed it by forcing that header in nginx (instead of letting ELB set it)
19:24reludianbicking: nginx is forcing that header, at least in stage
19:25reludianbicking: and we are forcing it in prod too
19:25reludalso, the elb does always set that header. if it didn't then SHIELD would be very broken
19:27reludthat said, shield experienced an event two weeks ago where a handful of requests may have broken through without that header, causing all sorts of issues. maybe it's the same vuln deep down
19:27ianbickingrelud: it was odd and intermittent for us too
19:27reludin the case of SHIELD it was precisely once, on precisely one url
19:28reludlike, one batch of request, not one request. but all within a less than one minute gap
19:29ianbickingrelud: last time this happened to us, it was over quite a while, and not consistently
19:41GitHub[screenshots] ianb created config-protocol (+1 new commit):
19:41GitHubscreenshots/config-protocol 73fd585 Ian Bicking: Fix #2734, make protocol configurable with EXPECT_PROTOCOL=https
19:42GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened pull request #2864: Fix #2734, make protocol configurable with EXPECT_PROTOCOL=https (master...config-protocol)
20:02GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2865: Handle clip image onerror
20:03ianbickingimg alt text can be styled, interestingly:,css,output
20:04_6a68that's funny
20:06GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened issue #2866: Consider removing img.onload
20:15GitHub[screenshots] relud commented on issue #2863: we are still forcing X-Forwarded-Proto:https in nginx on prod, I double-checked.
21:35_6a68rhelmer: hey, I have a question for you, if you have a minute
22:22clouserw_6a68: draft @
22:23clouserwwe can call out specific progress on icons or l10n (/ianbicking) if there is something to say
22:24clouserwalso, I grabbed the 15-20% number from yesterday's try run
22:24_6a68clouserw: hmm, I don't know that we have any new interesting try runs, though I could pick up today's central and start a talos run there (to see if any new webextension optimizations have landed)
22:25clouserwdo you think it would help to re-run the background page ones?
22:26_6a68I could certainly try
22:26_6a68I'm not sure what is landing day-to-day in central
22:26clouserwlets do it, just the linux is fine, but have it run 5 times instead of 1. is that possible?
22:28_6a68yeah, I figured out that I just need to pass an extra argument to avoid using artifact builds
22:30_6a68clouserw: actually, this comparison has 5 runs of the base and 5 of the lazy background
22:30_6a68but let me get a fresh one with today's central
22:30clouserwah, cool
22:57_6a68clouserw: sorry, got sucked into investigation (think that's why the icon is missing). Updated the etherpad with links to perherder comparison between a 5x central run and a 5x lazy background run
22:58clouserwawesome, thanks
22:58clouserwgood to send?
22:59_6a68Sure, let's do it
20 May 2017
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