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18 Apr 2017
06:31GitHub[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
06:31GitHubscreenshots/master 60d9a21 Marc Aaron Frigillana: Pontoon: Update Tagalog (tl) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
09:35GitHub[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
09:35GitHubscreenshots/master dfb4c1c Fjoerfoks: Pontoon: Update Frisian (fy-NL) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
09:41circleci-botFailed: mozilla-pontoon's build (#1071; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (master) --
11:30GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean commented on issue #2147: I have retested this issue and the long title is correctly displayed as truncated on "My Shots"page....
12:09GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean opened issue #2698: After dragging the scrollbar, a selection is automatically performed when hovering the page
12:29GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean opened issue #2699: Clicking the "Terms" and "Privacy Notice" links from Onboarding tour, open a new blank tab
12:38Standard8Yay, screenshots works on todays nightly :-)
13:05GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2348: I've just created a fresh try push to assess the current state of the tests, especially given the recent landings:...
15:02Standard8_6a68: ping
15:07ckpricepauloiegasSV: will you have a chance to look at nightly today?
15:09pauloiegasSVckprice: Cosmin already looked in the morning on stage server with a custom repo build since we had that issue with Nightly. And now he just finalized the Full Functional run on the latest Nightly that came with the fix. He is writing the report at the moment on the #2681 issue.
15:10ckpricegreat thank you! (and welcome back :))
15:10pauloiegasSVno problem and thanks :)
15:15GitHub[screenshots] ckprice commented on issue #2681: @SoftVision-PaulOiegas just a note that the add-on landed in today's Nightly (pref'd off). It would be great if we could get a sanity check that all is well there.
15:19clouserwcan confirm it's working in nightly! also it imported my existing shots perfectly
15:41_6a68Standard8: heyo
15:42Standard8_6a68: so Im looking at ESLint and it tells me that `backend` is unused in
15:42Standard8however, I dont know enough about the code to know what the right thing is
15:42Standard8it gets assigned but not used
15:48_6a68walking the dog atm but ian should know
15:49Standard8ianbicking: ^^^
15:52GitHub[screenshots] SoftVision-CosminMuntean commented on issue #2681: Hi guys,...
16:02clouserwrelud: I found Screenshots in DataDog. I didn't see it in Sentry or Kibana. are logs going there yet?
16:16ianbickingStandard8: oh hey, yeah, backend can be removed
16:20reludclouserw: it has it's own kibana, which i thought was up, but will double check, and i reused sentry creds, so the stats in pageshot are for both, but i can get new sentry creds for a new project and deploy that if you would prefer
16:21clouserwsharing sentry is fine with me
16:28_6a68Standard8: how soon should we aim to get the tests running in m-c? as soon as possible without jeopardizing the 54 schedule? or do we wait for aswan to fix the navigator call inside the addon code?
16:32GitHub[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
16:32GitHubscreenshots/master 68cfaf4 Cristian Silaghi: Pontoon: Update Romanian (ro) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
16:34Standard8_6a68: I think we should start fixing the issues we can without that bug
16:35Standard8_6a68: can you remember the bug # for that one?
16:35Standard8I just noticed it isnt on the meta bug
16:37_6a68hmm, I'll look
16:37Standard8_6a68: in other news, it appears that is failing when running the browser tests
16:37Standard8(with screenshots enabled)
16:37Standard8that can give us various alert:alert found at the end of the test
16:38Standard8I think it is because by the time the listener has been told about the tab it has gone away again
16:38Standard8so Im tempted just to add a .catch and log it quietly maybe?
16:38circleci-botFixed: mozilla-pontoon's build (#1072; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (master) --
16:39GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 created eslint-mozilla (+3 new commits):
16:39GitHubscreenshots/eslint-mozilla f493102 Mark Banner: Fix #2365 - Add Mozilla recommended configuration for ESLint.
16:39GitHubscreenshots/eslint-mozilla 03ad681 Mark Banner: Fix #2365 - Automatically fix ESLint issues from switching to mozilla/recommended.
16:39GitHubscreenshots/eslint-mozilla ac25801 Mark Banner: Fix #2365 - Manual fixes for remaining ESLint issues when switching to mozilla/recommended.
16:41GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 opened pull request #2700: Change ESLint settings to mainly use the mozilla/recommended configuration. (master...eslint-mozilla)
16:44_6a68Standard8: a lot of the behavior involves the tabId, so I wish we could find a way to keep the tab alive while a given test runs
16:44_6a68like, thinking ahead to interaction tests that exercise the screenshotting behavior
16:44_6a68unless I'm thinking of a totally different type of test than what's failing
16:45ianbickingId assume its the kind of test where it does something really fast, confirms it, then closes the tab?
16:45Standard8_6a68: the tests themselves arent failing, its because screenshots gets upset that the tab has gone, and sticks up an alert
16:45Standard8basically what ianbicking said
16:45ianbickingprobably we should suppress any alerts in those listeners
16:46ianbickingits not reasonable to notify the user that Screenshots had an error watching something they didnt know it was watching (tab activity for button state)
16:46Standard8ianbicking: so do you want it just for that listener, or more in that file?
16:47circleci-botFailed: Standard8's build (#1074; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (eslint-mozilla) --
16:48Standard8ianbicking: alernately, feel like doing a patch?
16:48ianbickingStandard8: looking at main.js, onUpdated or onActivated look like the two that shouldnt signal something
16:48ianbickingStandard8: I could, though Im halfway into expanding the Selenium tests now, and would like to finish that
16:49Standard8ianbicking: ah ok, Ill propose something
16:49* Standard8 wonders why the eslint build failed
16:49Standard8especailly as circleci doesnt want to tell me why :-(
16:49Standard8allow flash maybe.
16:51557A68LP1[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
16:51557A68LP1screenshots/master 91a3b09 Cristian Silaghi: Pontoon: Update Romanian (ro) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
16:51_6a68Standard8: we were talking yesterday about how to test for error states in the tree without pinging sentry. what's the typical way to mock out network connections in the bc tests?
16:52ianbickingIm guessing the Telemetry pref is off by default, so we do have that
16:53Standard8_6a68: I think theres probably 3 methods:
16:53Standard81) Monkeypatch the sending code to avoid sending
16:53Standard82) Use HttpServer as an endpoint to receive the messages & pretend to be sentry
16:53Standard83) Use sinon instead of monkeypatching
16:54_6a68cool, thanks! is there a preferred approach?
16:54_6a68I'm guessing not 1 ;-)
16:55_6a68I wonder if we could use sinon to mock out window.alert() for those tests
16:57Standard8_6a68: most tests in the tree are triggering that alert
16:57Standard8and its a notification anyway ;-)
16:57ianbickingwell, that one is a simple one, we just swallow that error
17:04ckpricehmm, do we need the system add-on that turns on screenshots in beta, to also create/set the user-disabled flag?
17:06_6a68ckprice: no
17:06_6a68the system-disabled flag is designed to be what the system / shield flips, and then I think the user disabled would only be mentioned in SUMO but not created by default
17:10_6a68ckprice: sorry if that came off terse, was trying to multitask IRC convos :-P
17:10ckprice_6a68: no prob! that's the answer i was hoping for
17:11circleci-botFixed: Standard8's build (#1077; retry by Standard8) in mozilla-services/screenshots (eslint-mozilla) --
17:11Standard8ok, ESLint build passes :-)
17:12GitHub[screenshots] johngruen closed issue #2465: Create a @FirefoxScreenshots twitter account?
17:16clouserwI get a 403 on that whole host
17:37GitHub[screenshots] pdehaan opened issue #2701: Onboarding image uses older icon?
17:42GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 created disable-errors (+1 new commit):
17:42GitHubscreenshots/disable-errors 11ec080 Mark Banner: Stop Errors being shown when browser.tabs.get() fails as a result of tabs going away too quick, e.g. browser mochitests.
17:43GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 opened pull request #2702: Stop Errors being shown when browser.tabs.get() fails as a result of (master...disable-errors)
17:49circleci-botFailed: Standard8's build (#1079; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (disable-errors) --
18:09dcoatesmy vidyo won't stay connected :(
18:14GitHub[screenshots] ckprice opened issue #2703: Flashes of older content in the onboarding flow
18:16GitHub[screenshots] wresuolc commented on issue #2703: @johngruen is going to look at this
18:23_6a68sooo annoying. I don't see any of the onboarding code in the nightly browser toolbox debugger
18:24ianbicking_6a68: but if you inspect the page itself at least the HTML is there?
18:24ianbicking_6a68: looking at slides.js, theres no magic in those links, they should be plain <a href= target=_blank> with no handlers
18:24_6a68yes, and the link looks well-formed
18:24_6a68digging around in the other frames in the debugger to see if the code&#39;s just not visible from the main compartment
18:28_6a68welp, I can see why it&#39;s not working
18:28ckpriceStandard8: we were going to wait to see if QA found any show-stoppers before uplifting tomorrow. i&#39;m happy to do the request if it&#39;s not too complicated. i see 4 patches in bug 1346825, and 1 in bug 1352387. anything else?
18:28firebot FIXED, standard8 Setup build configuration for Firefox Screenshots in Firefox
18:28firebot FIXED, standard8 Add Raven.js license for Screenshots
18:28_6a68looks like the link text is getting inserted *next to* the link, not infixed
18:28Standard8ckprice: that sounds about right
18:29Standard8_6a68: do we need something like noreferrer on that link?
18:29GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: Debugging this requires using regular devtools, because the onboarding slides load inside an iframe in the content page....
18:30_6a68Standard8: I think the issue is that the actual link isn&#39;t clickable, because the text is outside the anchor tags
18:31GitHub[screenshots] johngruen commented on issue #2703: @ianb turns out the flash happens on the server side...[see video]( Not a gamma blocker....
18:36pdehaan_6a68: I saw that weird DOM-ness this morning too. but i think if you edit the HTML using devtools, the text jumps inside the anchor tag. i was just assuming it was a devtools bug in my nightly.
18:36pdehaanbecause testing it in browser, the text is clickable
18:37_6a68wow, that is so bizarre
18:37_6a68the DOM APIs that assemble the link seem correct to me
18:37_6a68but when the iframe is rendered, the text is off to one side
18:37_6a68just stepped through it in the debugger
18:46_6a68pdehaan: good point, the text is indeed clickable, and hovering it shows the correct URL
18:47GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: @pdehaan pointed out that the weirdness in the inspector might be a devtools nightly bug, since the text is clickable, has the correct link style, and hovering the link text shows the correct URL.
18:49rpapapdehaan: if you have time this afternoon, we can do a loadtest run
18:59GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: Testing the latest addon against Dev Edition, the links work fine. I think this might be a browser bug.
19:31GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: I&#39;m not sure where to take this from here. @Standard8, any thoughts on whether this might be a browser bug (and if so, how to find that bug)?
19:44GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2699: @6a68 If it works in dev edition, I&#39;d suggest using [mozregression]( to hunt down the regression causing patch.
19:53GitHub[screenshots] ckprice commented on issue #2681: > After the Tuesday Nightly build with the fix for bug 1357137 was released (around 14:30 our time), we ran our Full Functional suite on it....
19:53firebot FIXED, WebExtension content scripts cannot see globals assigned in each other
19:56dcoatesi see that dmca images should expire, should they be deleteable by the creator?
19:56ianbickingdcoates: I feel like we talked about this and if I remember correctly, we decided it didnt matter for now
19:57ianbickingbut this was a conversation with Brian a while ago
19:57dcoatesianbicking: cool, thanks
20:14GitHub[screenshots] ianb created selenium-tests (+1 new commit):
20:14GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests 91e4546 Ian Bicking: Fix #2695, expand Selenium test...
20:14GitHub[screenshots] ianb opened pull request #2704: Fix #2695, expand Selenium test (master...selenium-tests)
20:15GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to master:
20:15GitHubscreenshots/master cd749ef Ian Bicking: Merge pull request #2702 from mozilla-services/disable-errors...
20:15GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted disable-errors at 11ec080:
20:27GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on pull request #2700 ac25801: indent
20:44GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on pull request #2700 ac25801: indent
20:44203A8FHTG[screenshots] ianb commented on pull request #2700 ac25801: We can probably remove the callBackground call here
21:00GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 4 new commits to eslint-mozilla:
21:00GitHubscreenshots/eslint-mozilla cbcdb28 Ian Bicking: Merge branch &#39;master&#39; into eslint-mozilla
21:00GitHubscreenshots/eslint-mozilla 5a4317f Ian Bicking: Remove call to getBackend() since we are no longer creating backend-relative links
21:00GitHubscreenshots/eslint-mozilla 0b5e4a1 Ian Bicking: Restore binding of this to the variable global
21:01GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on pull request #2700 2ae61fb: Note: put back in, but to selectorLoader.js
21:01GitHub[screenshots] ianb closed pull request #2700: Change ESLint settings to mainly use the mozilla/recommended configuration. (master...eslint-mozilla)
21:01GitHub[screenshots] ianb closed issue #2365: Add eslint rules to match Firefox
21:01GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted eslint-mozilla at 2ae61fb:
21:04GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to selenium-tests:
21:04GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests 5f23120 Ian Bicking: Merge branch &#39;master&#39; into selenium-tests
21:05GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to selenium-tests:
21:05GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests 3447eab Ian Bicking: Merge branch &#39;master&#39; into selenium-tests
21:07GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to txp:
21:07GitHubscreenshots/txp e464af4 Ian Bicking: Remove unneeded <br />
21:07557A68N4F[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to master:
21:07557A68N4Fscreenshots/master 47961e8 Ian Bicking: Merge pull request #2697 from mozilla-services/txp...
21:07203A8FHZ3[screenshots] ianb closed pull request #2697: removed Test Pilot reference from /leave (master...txp)
21:07GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted txp at e464af4:
21:08GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to robots:
21:08GitHubscreenshots/robots 0a2e490 Ian Bicking: Merge branch &#39;master&#39; into robots
21:08GitHub[screenshots] ianb closed pull request #2696: added robots.txt route (master...robots)
21:08GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to master:
21:08GitHubscreenshots/master a238269 Ian Bicking: Merge pull request #2696 from mozilla-services/robots...
21:08GitHub[screenshots] ianb deleted robots at 0a2e490:
21:11GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on pull request #2693 7990bff: This value needs to be signed by the server, so someone can&#39;t do something like: `http://cdnlink/image/uuid?download=somethingevil.exe`
21:11circleci-botFailed: ianb&#39;s build (#1088; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (selenium-tests) --;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=irc
21:12GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: sweet! mozregression is new to me, thanks for that :+1:
21:17GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on pull request #2693 7990bff: BTW, the /proxy code is an example of signing links
21:29GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 opened issue #2705: Enable ESLint rule `consistent-return`
21:50_6a68mozregression is like, my favorite thing ever
21:54GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 2 new commits to selenium-tests:
21:54GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests b0a7570 Ian Bicking: Add/enable a FIREFOX_CHANNEL environmental variable to control testing...
21:54GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests 5d256cf Ian Bicking: Merge branch &#39;selenium-tests&#39; of into selenium-tests
21:57GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: OK! Turns out this bug was introduced when we switched the iframe to a moz-extension URL in commit da197660.
21:59GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2699: Maybe the most reliable fix for this would just be to use `callBackground` and have the background page open the link. At least we know that would work.
22:04GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2698: My googling about how to detect this case shows lots of hacky solutions and no good ones....
22:08GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2348: Current list of failing tests...
22:15GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 3 new commits to selenium-tests:
22:15GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests d072b8c Ian Bicking: Add third argument to add/removeObserver, which is required in Firefox 54
22:15GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests c4ff9d3 Ian Bicking: Leave context as CONTENT when instantiating driver
22:15GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests c28714a Ian Bicking: Style updates
22:17GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2348: Current list of failing tests...
22:21circleci-botFailed: ianb&#39;s build (#1094; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (selenium-tests) --;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=irc
22:25rpapapdehaan: looks like we&#39;ve scaled up to 6 nodes already
22:25rpapapdehaan: tho u can only see 3 on DD atm
22:34GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2698: @ianb I wonder if this is a symptom of some bug with async scrolling? The latest comment in bug 1211610 indicates that APZ scrolling isn&#39;t yet ready to ride the trains. We might want to see if @SoftVision-CosminMuntean can repro on other channels before figuring out a workaround.
22:34firebot NEW, [Meta] Enable async scrolling via scrollbar dragging
22:35GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2698: I remember this bug from a long time ago it&#39;s the weird but apparently normal behavior that scrolling produces mousedown/mouseup events (maybe mousemove too?)
22:36GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2698: I remember this bug from a long time ago it&#39;s the weird but apparently normal behavior that scrolling produces mousedown/mouseup events (maybe mousemove too?)
22:36GitHub[screenshots] Standard8 commented on issue #2348: Current list of failing tests...
22:40GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 2 new commits to selenium-tests:
22:40GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests acba717 Ian Bicking: Add dependency of install.rdf on package.json (where the version is stored)
22:40GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests 6ce36c8 Ian Bicking: Force the system-disabled pref off for testing...
22:43GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 commented on issue #2699: Kris noticed that this bug only occurs if e10s is enabled. Filed [bugzilla bug 1357589]( at Kris&#39;s request....
22:43firebotBug 1357589 NEW, With e10s enabled, can&#39;t open https URLs from anchor tags in moz-extension iframe
22:46circleci-botFailed: ianb&#39;s build (#1095; push) in mozilla-services/screenshots (selenium-tests) --;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=irc
22:49GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to selenium-tests:
22:49GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests ce5f446 Ian Bicking: Start the server before running add-on tests
22:50GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2704: Currently, on Nightly, the test installation process does not overwrite the built-in version of the add-on. You can see this because of a failure that it opens a page on instead of localhost:10080. I&#39;m not sure why, though I see this error in the Browser Console:...
22:51GitHub[screenshots] ianb commented on issue #2695: Followup items:...
22:57GitHub[screenshots] ianb pushed 1 new commit to selenium-tests:
22:57GitHubscreenshots/selenium-tests f6f13eb Ian Bicking: Increase test timeout
23:17GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 created 2699-fix-terms-and-privacy-urls (+2 new commits):
23:17GitHubscreenshots/2699-fix-terms-and-privacy-urls 88a0ed6 Jared Hirsch: Fix #2699, use JS to open terms and privacy links on click...
23:17GitHubscreenshots/2699-fix-terms-and-privacy-urls e8c5809 Jared Hirsch: Correct spelling of &#39;sentinel&#39; throughout
23:18GitHub[screenshots] 6a68 opened pull request #2706: 2699 fix terms and privacy urls (master...2699-fix-terms-and-privacy-urls)
23:40circleci-botFixed: 6a68&#39;s build (#1100; retry by 6a68) in mozilla-services/screenshots (2699-fix-terms-and-privacy-urls) --;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=irc
19 Apr 2017
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