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15 May 2017
14:51GitHub[screenshots] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
14:51GitHubscreenshots/master 06dbaab Lasse Liehu: Pontoon: Update Finnish (fi) localization of Firefox Screenshots...
16:42_6a68I'm guessing the 1030 planning meeting is canceled in favor of the button discussion?
16:46clouserwmostly. they also seemed like similar topics :)
16:46clouserwbut yeah, we're talking about the button
17:32rhelmerclouserw: hm so are we doing the 1030 still? the internal one seems to be going a little long
17:32jgruenhey is everybody still in the internal
17:32clouserwyeah :-/
17:37clouserwmeeting over. gogo!
18:01jgruenhad to drop
18:06clouserwthanks rhelmer!
18:07_6a68yes, thanks very much
18:07clouserwfeels like we have lots of ideas. if tests don't take a halfday anymore, that would help a ton
18:08rhelmertoo bad artifact try builds don't work w/ talos :/ doing it locally should work though, you just need to make sure to run it a few times
18:08_6a68yeah, I'm going to figure out this talos artifact build quickly
18:08rhelmerI think we do 10 or so in automation but as gijs suggested 3 and he would know :)
18:08ianbickingI dont think the numbers have moved around that much from run to run
18:09rhelmerwell that's good, intermittent slowness would be harder
18:17_6a68ianbicking | dcoates: so, I found these resources useful for getting mozilla code building locally using git:
18:18ianbicking_6a68: I have a working setup with hg, is there any particular benefits to git for this? Besides obviously familiarity
18:18_6a68I'm not sure. If you have a working hg setup, you are all set
18:18_6a68to run talos tests locally
18:38_6a68mach artifact builds on osx:
18:38ianbicking_6a68: do you know what talos suite is of interest to us?
18:39_6a68based on this comment:
18:39firebotBug 1361792 NEW, 2.11 - 48.22% most all tests (linux64, osx-10-10, windows7-32, windows8-64) regression on push 8090b
18:40_6a68I'd say tp5n, tsvg_static, tabpaint, sessionrestore
18:48_6a68ianbicking: let me know if artifact builds work for you. I get errors trying to ./mach configure when I include the artifact arguments in my mozconfig
18:49_6a68in fact, I just discovered I had commented out those lines in my mozconfig because this MDN page says that tests other than mochitests and xpcshell tests are not known to work
18:49_6a68so, idk
20:44GitHub[screenshots] wresuolc opened issue #2843: Lazy load our background page code
20:45clouserwianbicking: I'm chatting with kris right now and he says a blank web extension is taking about 100ms to load, and then screenshots is 150-200ms on top of that
20:45clouserwand most is coming out of that background page code
20:45ianbickingclouserw: OK, thats an easy win then
21:28_6a68ianbicking: did you ever get talos tests running locally?
21:34ianbicking_6a68: I tried, didnt seem to work quite right, then I did hg fetch and now Im rebuilding
21:36_6a68cool. I found this page, working through the rather cryptic instructions
21:38_6a68not sure the instructions are accurate, though
21:40_6a68oh, I think this is better
21:43_6a68./mach talos-test --activeTests tart works for me
21:43_6a68with an artifact build, which took 90 seconds \o/
21:52ianbicking_6a68: so once youve run the tests, what then? Its not clear to me where the results go...
21:52_6a68if you look near the end of the huge blob of output, it gives you the path to a json results file
22:11_6a6814:44:24 INFO - Thanks for running Talos locally. Results are in ['/Users/jhirsch/codez/mozilla/git-gecko/testing/mozharness/build/local.json']
23:49GitHub[screenshots] akhilman opened issue #2844: Original page not visible through Page Shot overlay
16 May 2017
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