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20 Mar 2017
05:23gitter-bot-msl(dvigneshwer) Interactive visual linear algebra
05:49gitter-bot-msl(dvigneshwer) Stay up to date with deep learning research
10:27gitter-bot-msl(RaoOfPhysics) This is quite adorable:
11:41gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @RaoOfPhysics indeed, now i also urgently want to drop some database :D
11:42gitter-bot-msl(RaoOfPhysics) D-d-d-d-d-drop that (data)bass.
12:13gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) :guitar:
13:08gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Wow @dvigneshwer ! That linear algebra stuff is so cool!
13:11gitter-bot-msl(dvigneshwer) @auremoser you may like
13:11gitter-bot-msl(dvigneshwer) Interactive way to learn stats
13:12gitter-bot-msl(dvigneshwer) Also visit for advance concpets like PCA, markov chains etc
13:13gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) So cool! I'll include it in our newsletter!
17:21gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) helllooo - I writing to see if there was a comprehensive list of lists of the common arguments against open science and responses that debunk those arguments. Theres a bunch of stuff out there (e.g.,, etc). is there maybe one that you all subscribe to? or maybe its time to make
17:21gitter-bot-mslthe list of lists? :)
17:22gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Maybe not an arguments list, but [Why Open Research]( has a nice set of pre-fab defense arguments against common critiques.
17:27gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Also this [speech]( on Open Science is a nice summary.
17:28gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) yeeeess yeeeess yeeeess @auremoser parfait
17:29gitter-bot-msl(stephwright) Ooh perhaps we could have a repo of lists? I frequently get asked these types of questions (theres one in my inbox right now). Would be great to have a central place to draw from.
17:32gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) totally - I would also love a robot to machine learn its way to argument against some of the intense trolls and win every time ;)
21 Mar 2017
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