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19 May 2017
01:06gitter-bot-msl(phcerdan) Hey, I was in a queue to buy lunch today, and two students were sharing their impressions about a talk or a lecture they attended about the importance of peer review in science. I was glad to hear it, they seem almost completely fresh about the topic, and I couldn't resist to pay attention without intervening. They were impressed about the scrutiny a manuscript can face by reviewers, and kind
01:06gitter-bot-mslof identifying the role of reviewers with the authorities/police. The comment of the main driver of the conversation at the end, was a bit devastating though, but I think is probably the root of some bad practices about reproducibility, the student said something like: "Wow, looks like the more you share about what you have done, more opportunities has the reviewer to bite you and push back your work"
01:08gitter-bot-msl(phcerdan) I didn't turn back and comment, just because it feels rude, but I regret it!!
01:14gitter-bot-msl(phcerdan) In any case, I think similar feelings about the review process being the barrier to overcome at all cost are not rare in the community.
01:15gitter-bot-msl(phcerdan) Anyway, feeling like sharing it with you guys :D
01:53gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) @phcerdan I feel you! It's so sad that that is the case at the moment.
01:54gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) I try really hard as a reviewer to compliment anyone who has made anything available! And I do have faith that things are changing!
01:55gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) I think we're in a scary transition phase at the moment, and early career researchers will take a hit for sure. But I actually feel more sorry for the group of old folk (not all established researchers!) who are so stuck in their ways that can't keep up!!
01:58gitter-bot-msl(phcerdan) @KirstieJane absolutely! I am confident about the changes and the community, I mean, there is a lot going on right now, but with the only currency being: publish!!, it is not a surprise that the gate watchers, the reviewers... are seen as the enemy!
01:58gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) :raised_hands:
02:37gitter-bot-msl(owias123) HLO GUYZ
11:58gitter-bot-msl1(auremoser) Hello @owias123 !
12:01gitter-bot-msl1(auremoser) Interesting discussion, @phcerdan , thanks for sharing! Maybe we should make space for this on our [next Community Call]( on June 8th. A friend of mine was just bemoaning the stress of the review process in econ/math, especially for early-career folks when we were chatting last night, it's def topical from multiple
12:01gitter-bot-msl1disciplinary perspectives.
22:57gitter-bot-msl1(phcerdan) @auremoser Ide glad to hear what you say about it if you record the session, sadly I won't be able to attend at 3-4 AM NewZealand time :(
22:58gitter-bot-msl1(phcerdan) I'd be glad*
23:35gitter-bot-msl1(auremoser) Yes! We will record it @phcerdan ! Definitely :)
23:35gitter-bot-msl1(auremoser) Thank you for your interest!
23:44gitter-bot-msl1(phcerdan) @auremoser nice! :sparkles:
20 May 2017
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