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17 Jul 2017
13:09gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) tomorrow? early? send me a calendar invite @gedankenstuecke !
13:10gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @auremoser tomorrow works all day for me. any time preferences for you?
13:33gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) the earlier the better for me. maybe we can check in around 9 and get the etherpad setup for a pitch.
13:33gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) :)
13:46gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) youre in NYC time right now? :)
13:55gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Hey by the way @/all - YOU TOO can submit a session proposal to MozFest!!
13:55gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) :tada: :balloon: :cake:
13:55gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) and you totally should, its a ton of fun :)
13:56gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) And, if you have any questions about what that means or how you'd go about doing it, you can join our Ask Me Anything on Thursday!
13:56gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Here's the etherpad:
13:56gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) We aren't going to be on a call, we'll just hang out in the etherpad for an hour and answer your questions
13:56gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) You can add them *right now* if you want! From line 30 :)
13:56gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) The deadline for proposals is 1st August
13:57gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) And here's the MozFest information:
13:58gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) +1000 @KirstieJane !
13:58gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Thank you for re-sharing!
13:58gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Here's the time zone information:,360,cn3
13:59gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Veterans, you're also welcome to join us! You can help us answer questions :)
14:04gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Some press about Tardigrades, might be of interest to folks on here cc @gedankenstuecke :
14:07gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @auremoser thanks! thats awesome! Im all for bombarding things with cosmic radiation. :joy: lichens also just shrug about that: :D
14:19gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Lichens!
15:55gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) arguably not as cute as tardigrades ;)
21:09gitter-bot-msl(ivotron) wow, 1090 applications for Mozilla Science Fellowhip. That's awesome. Bummer for me that I didn't get selected :joy: But great to see that level of interest
22:47gitter-bot-msl(wetneb) yeah, that's very impressive! thumbs up to the ones who got selected :)
18 Jul 2017
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