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17 Apr 2017
05:19gitter-bot-msl(dvigneshwer) - Read research papers for free - Makin science more open :)
12:30gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Hi @/all - I'm so sorry to miss out on the book club chat in a couple of hours! I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the message of the book - particularly thinking about how important trust is for doing good collaborative science.
12:31gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Here's the info if you *are* around to chat with other Mozilla Science community members about The Leap :smile:
12:31gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Today - 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BST
15:10gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Yay, thank youf @KirstieJane for the book club plug!
15:10gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) @dvigneshwer that was in our newsletter last month! unpaywall is an interesting resource!
16:15gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Hey @/all, we've started our Book Club chat on Trust and the Leap, feel free to join in the conversation and follow the mozreads hashtag....we have a poll up currently:, but you're also welcome to contribute your stories of building trust in research!
16:15gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Join us!
18 Apr 2017
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