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14 Mar 2017
08:50gitter-bot-msl(x_armand_twitter) @Mahantesh19__twitter how can I get on ResearchStash?
08:57gitter-bot-msl(x_armand_twitter) Hi @all! I just wanted to mention that our closed trial of Figures is launching this week! Our tool is a collaborative figure editor. Scientists can upload images and raw data, assemble figures, share and discuss results, and export in popular file formats. It's an open system built on JSON so that researchers can avoid powerpoint or professional graphic design silos and we hope to save
08:57gitter-bot-mslsome digital trees by eliminating email :) If you're interested, grab an invite at Last thing, our phase II plan includes a scientific application marketplace where we want to empower researchers to create image analysis extensions on our platform. This is is pretty bold undertaking but one can that we think could be pretty awesome!
15 Mar 2017
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