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13 Jul 2017
15:54gitter-bot-msl(npscience) Hi everyone. I'm thinking about what session to propose for MozFest (as eLife), and could do with some advice from previous participants and session leads, if I may ask for your help? Would you prefer to contribute to a brainstorm/discussion about something general like "How would we share research if we were building the system from scratch using current open web principles?" or do you think
15:54gitter-bot-mslit's more effective to do a 90-minute discussion / hackathon / doathon around a specific area (e.g. preprints, annotating with, reproducible research docs [R Markdown, Jupyter notebooks], sharing data [decentralised system?], blockchain for science, using open citations data, developing an online profile as a researcher). Of course, I'd be very interested to hear if anybody wants to
15:54gitter-bot-mslcollaborate on a session pitch with us (eLife) - thanks :)
16:19gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @npscience personally I think Im more of a fan of the doing than just brainstorming. I think a combination can also work nicely, like: quick brainstorming about some idea, then evaluating how much of that can already be achieved with existing solutions through testing that, afterwards regrouping to see what works and what doesnt.
16:31gitter-bot-msl(npscience) @gedankenstuecke thanks - I like the combo idea. Have you done this before? If so, do you know how long this would need to get an effective outcome? 60 mins / 90 mins / 2 hours?
16:34gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @npscience the session on mapping nerdy travel recommendations that @auremoser and I ran together with Sujai & Egle last year had a similar format. We got two hours for it and I think the timing was just right for us. you can find the whole documentation for that on and in the links there :)
16:47gitter-bot-msl(npscience) @gedankenstuecke thank you so much!! :sparkles:
16:53gitter-bot-msl(npscience) Also nerdcator is fab. My friend and I were recently talking about how their should be a better "trip planner" and you've just added another angle to this :thumbsup:
16:54gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @npscience any time! and get in touch if you have any more questions. And sujai and I got the idea for nerdcator over a twitter-discussion about how theres no such thing, after we both ended up riding the same much-larger-than-life tardigrade in the amsterdam microbe museum
17:31gitter-bot-msl(npscience) I just went to Amsterdam, and I totally missed the tardigrade. D'oh! See, I needed the nerdcator...
17:32gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) I recommend going, it's a fun interactive museum!
17:36gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) awww... was just looking at the nerdcator and saw the point off Accra... thought it was a real place (I'll be in Accra on Monday) and then click'ed and zoomed...
17:37gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) null island, i think thats @auremosers favorite place :-)
17:50gitter-bot-msl(npscience) My holidays are going to get more fun...
14 Jul 2017
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