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11 Sep 2017
13:52gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Hi @/all! I'm just off a call for the program committee for the Better Science through Better Data conference on 25th October in London
13:52gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) It's just a couple of days before MozFest and I'd really recommend attending both! (MozFest will be the most fun, but if you're in London you could come along to both!!)
14:00gitter-bot-msl(npscience) I'll be there! Thanks @KirstieJane
15:10gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) @npscience - YAAAAY! :raised_hands:
16:44gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Thanks for sharing @KirstieJane
16:44gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) :)
18:24gitter-bot-msl(stephwright) Shoot!!! Im booked for the day at MisInfocon!
18:28gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) ALSO a fascinating conference!!
12 Sep 2017
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