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11 Oct 2017
01:31gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Hello @/all community! We have an awesome line-up of speakers for our October Community Call on Open Data, our upcoming Paris Working Open Workshop (WOW) and all things Mozfest! Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 12th, at 11ET and join us! Here's the [even posting with all the info]( and here's the broadcast
01:31gitter-bot-msllink]( and [etherpad](
01:31gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) This will be our last call before Mozfest and before December 2017, so it would be so wonderful if you could all make it!
06:21gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) Hello everyone... from 3.30pm GMT tomorrow we will be having a discussion on open science at #ISCBASBCB2017 - we'll come up with a hashtag and etherpad or page during the course of today
08:59gitter-bot-msl(trustodia) @pvanheus great! the #ISCBASBCB2017 conference is going great. what date is this discussion Oct 11/12?
09:44gitter-bot-msl(trustodia) @pvanheus can a skype/webconf be setup for this open science discussion? for remote participants to join and contribute.
10:33gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) @trustodia sorry the Internet is pretty poor here so we won't be able to do that. The date for the discussion is 11 October.
11:30gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) Sorry everyone - I got the time wrong - the #openscience discussion (Twitter hashtag #OS_ASBCB) will be at 1.30 pm GMT on 11 October
12:01gitter-bot-msl(trustodia) @pvanheus is the etherpad or up?
12:36gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) @trustodia see:
12:37gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) WiFi here is not doing so well though...
12:37gitter-bot-msl(trustodia) @pvanheus great. some students from Nigeria can join this discussion
20:12gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) @trustodia are you aware of the Cloud Foundry meeting in Johannesburg next week?
20:14gitter-bot-msl(pvanheus) we are organising an online discussion for Friday morning (Friday 20th) on building a community of scientific sysadmin / devops / research software engineering people on the continent - just had the idea today, still working on videoconferencing details...
21:20gitter-bot-msl(marcosvital) Thanks @auremoser and @stephwright , and thanks everyone who share ideas and material! Everything went great with the presentation, and we had ~250 people there to hear us talk about Open Science, Scientific Outreach and Reproducible Analysis! :D I'm finishing up a blog post about it, in Portuguese, but I'll try to take some time to translate it to English soon.
21:21gitter-bot-msl(marcosvital) [![image.png](](
23:18gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) <3 great news @marcosvital !!
23:22gitter-bot-msl(marcosvital) Thanks! And here&#39;s the blog post in Portuguese if anyone wants to take a look:
23:23gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Wow :thumbsup: !
12 Oct 2017
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