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11 Aug 2017
14:10gitter-bot-msl(pdurbin) Hi! I have a question about this tweet I saw: "Know of a cool #opensource #openscience project that's particularly well-managed? Add it to our list here, please!"
14:36gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Hi @pdurbin - what's the question :smile:
16:27gitter-bot-msl(pdurbin) @KirstieJane I clicked the link but I don't see a list of projects. Maybe the line moved from line 169 to some other line? Can you or someone help me find the list? It's a long document. Here's the link in the tweet:
16:40gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Yes - the lines moved as we added to the doc during the call yesterday
16:42gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) I can't see the line numbers on my phone, but scroll almost all the way to the end to "Other Cool Open Source Projects" and you'll be back at what used to be 169
16:42gitter-bot-msl(KirstieJane) Sorry - should have tagged you @pdurbin
16:44gitter-bot-msl(gedankenstuecke) @KirstieJane @pdurbin its line 336 now, should take you there right away
16:49gitter-bot-msl(pdurbin) Sorry, I got disconnected.
16:53gitter-bot-msl(pdurbin) I guess people are saying Xmind is an example of a well managed project. Thanks.
12 Aug 2017
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