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9 Aug 2017
07:23mwdo we have "fast nightlies" yet? i.e. nightlies with debug- and llvm-assertions disabled?
07:43nox Did we get the cargobomb run yet?
07:43noxtomprince: ^
13:59acrichtomw: we do for servo, but not available through the rustup channel
13:59acrichtoI forget if we disabled debug assertions there...
14:00mwacrichto: can I download those somewhere?
14:01acrichtolemme get the link
14:02acrichtoyou can replace the sha
14:02acrichtoand you can also download x86_64-pc-windows-msvc
14:02acrichto(no OSX)
14:02acrichtothat may be a super old build
14:02acrichtowe should have osx
14:03acrichtoor not, nvmd
14:03acrichtoto get a working compiler you need the `rustc` and the `rust-std` components
14:04acrichtomw: afaik that *only* disables llvm assertions --
14:04acrichtowe should probably have it disable debug assertions in rustc as well though...
14:17mwacrichto: ok, thanks!
14:23noxCan anyone do a cargobomb on the PR I linked earlier, please..? outage yesterday?
16:52ericktacrichto / carols10cents: ^?
16:53carols10centserickt: i did not even glance in's direction yesterday
16:53carols10centsit sounds like an isolated incident.... we've never had HTTP basic auth on
16:54erickthm, weird
18:56aidanhsnox: looke like tomprince is preparing the run
19:03aidanhslooking at the box, the experiment actually seems to be running
19:03aidanhsexperiment -> cargobomb run
10 Aug 2017
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