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8 Aug 2017
01:09simulacrummw: pong, though not currently extremely available (traveling) -- could you maybe send me an email instead?
10:33nox Did we get the cargobomb run yet?
10:34eddybtomprince: ^^
11:50vigneshIs there any push infrastructure to notify of when a new Rust release is out?
11:50vigneshIf not, how could it be set up?
11:51noxvignesh: An alert in your calendar every 6 weeks?
11:51vigneshOk what about beta and nightly?
14:08steveklabnikvignesh: beta is every six weeks too
14:08steveklabnikvignesh: nightly has some twitter bots that have done some of that work and tweet
14:08steveklabniknot official though
14:08steveklabnikiirc they poll static.rl.o
18:28tomprinceeddyb: Started preparing.
18:30eddybtomprince: great! thanks
9 Aug 2017
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