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7 Aug 2017
09:30mwsimulacrum: ping
18:27misdreavusoh huh, homu is testing a pr i gave rollup priority to. oh huh, it's literally the only thing in the homu queue. time to scan the queue for docs prs i can toss onto the pile :3
22:37misdreavuswhat's up with the bogus instant appveyor failures on PRs?
22:39misdreavus(er, this one's been "fixed" with an amend and push, but i've seen it on my own prs a lot)
22:40misdreavuswhat's weird is the amend/push doesn't even trigger appveyor at all on the re-check
22:40misdreavusit just disappears
22:40tomprinceI'm not sure what the failures look like, but it might be that appveyor doesn't have good enough configuration to prevent running builds on PRs. But we don't want to run appveyor on PRs, just on the bors branch. So we deal with that as part of the build.
22:41tomprinceI don't know if we actually do that, but we do something similar with travis' matrix.
22:41misdreavusyeah, it always says something like "couldn't run non-mergeable commit"
22:41misdreavusand acts like it's failing CI
8 Aug 2017
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