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20 Apr 2017
15:07frewsxcvdocker is getting renamed
15:10acrichtofrewsxcv: wut
15:11acrichtojeez the container ecosystem seems like the js ecosystem
15:11acrichtoeverything changes every week
15:11acrichtothere's always some hot new thing on the block
15:11acrichtoand you're always using something that's hopelessly out of date
15:12acrichtowhat's up w/ the "Reviewers that need to be pinged" column of the spreadsheet?
15:13* frewsxcv wonders if aaron ever got around to making that shared google drive folder
15:16tedacrichto: i think the problem is that docker started out scoped pretty small (lxc containers) and then scope creeped their way to be everything
15:17ted"Moby Project - a collaborative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based systems "
15:17tedthat just rolls off the tongue
15:20frewsxcvit sounds like they're doing it for commercial reasons
15:22est31frewsxcv: ?
15:23frewsxcvthat is indeed a question mark character
15:23frewsxcvdo you have a question to go alongside the question mark character?
15:23est31frewsxcv: what is the commercial thought behind it?
15:24frewsxcvdifferentiating their commercial offerings from the open source product
15:24est31I see
15:25frewsxcvand they probably thought, lets just rename the open source crap instead of rebranding our prodcuts
15:25est31makes total sense
15:38acrichtoI'm praying this can be the end of our appveyor mingw woes --
16:07aidanhswell, I'm not sure it's right to say it's getting renamed - docker as a tool will exist as it does today
16:07aidanhsit sounds more like the monolith of components is getting extracted and split up, which has been a long time in coming
16:09aidanhsspecifically, I'm pretty sure docker as rust uses it today will remain the same
16:09aidanhsthe announcement was a lesson in how not to do one though
16:29aidanhsfrewsxcv: do you recall the PR that you cancelled/retried recently because an osx build just full-on hung for ~1hr?
16:30aidanhsgot it
16:36frewsxcvcool, because i don't recall :)
16:53aidanhsraised, if anyone notices an osx build that's still running but the logs have stopped doing anything and it's over 3 hours (which I believe is when travis usually kills them?), ping me and link to that issue
20:43acrichtobtw awesome job on the google doc everyone for triaging
20:44acrichtoit took me <15 minutes this morning to do it for the first time
20:52aturonacrichto: \o/
21:03rillianhi. Where is the cargo build shipped with each rust release set?
21:06Icefozrillian: idk for sure but it&#39;s probably hosted on somewhere?
21:07Icefozrillian: perhaps?
21:09rillianIcefoz: I was wondering about further up the chain. The installers read the manifest files, like
21:09rillianthat gives urls for the latest component for that release, including cargo
21:09rillianI was trying to find where the code that constructs the manifest gets that information.
21:10IcefozOh, that&#39;s a rather different question.
21:10Icefozor at least requires parsing &#39;release set&#39; differently. Sorry, I&#39;m low on coffee.
21:10rilliannp. there are lots of layers. :)
21:11rilliane.g. the nightly manifest has pkg.cargo.version = &quot;0.19.0-nightly (c416fb60b 2017-04-05)&quot;
21:11IcefozI would expect it to be somewhere in the build-bot perhaps.
21:11rillianso why that version and not a newer or an older build
21:11rillianso packaging is still on buildbot, not travis or whatever?
21:11IcefozI&#39;m also not part of the process so I&#39;m just guessing!
21:12rillianlooks like nightly builds are still running on, at least
21:13misdreavusyeah, i don&#39;t think the migration has totally finished
21:13misdreavusat least, i don&#39;t remember seeing a big announcement to that effect
21:14rilliannow if only the packaging steps posted logs...
21:16rillianotoh, there are cargo builds on travis
22:23acrichtorillian: are you curious about the current state of affairs?
22:23acrichtoor historical state of affairs?
21 Apr 2017
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