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18 Apr 2017
00:02acrichtojntrnr: I believe so
00:02acrichtojntrnr: the rls binary is 63MB on linux
00:02acrichtothat seems... ad
00:02jntrnrare we statically linking in all of cargo or something?
00:03jntrnracrichto: ^
00:04acrichtowell, yes
00:04acrichtocargo si 14M
00:04acrichtonot 63 ...
00:05acrichtowait wtf cargo is 36m now on nightly
00:05jntrnrthat plus the compiler is probably a lot
00:05jntrnrthough I thought we dynamically linked to the compiler
00:07acrichtocrap this is a beta regression
00:20shepedunham: I see you are going to look into some finer grained access to Rust infrastructure. Would that include EC2 related properties?
00:22shepI ask because there's been a possibility of me helping out with the playground, but it's been complicated with access to the DNS / EC2 instances
00:22shepAs a concrete example, there was a kernel vulnerability a while ago (I believe you were CCed on that email) and I had to spin up a new instance
00:22shepSince I have my own EC2 stuff, that was easy
00:23shepAnyway, I'm hoping that your research might touch on some of that, as that would be Relevant To My Interests
00:26edunhamshep: I'm doing a bit of research at the moment about what kind of thing we could do for the "keep routing everyone through the one shared bastion" option, then I'll be emailing the rust-infra team about it
00:26edunhamprobably tomorrow or so, since the time of putting down a laptop and cooking a dinner is approaching in my current time zone
00:32shepedunham: oh, absolutely, I don't mean to hurry you in any way! I'm simply letting you know of a potentially related area of interest. If it's the same, that's great. If it's completely different, then just ignore me. If it's nearby, then maybe you can answer my questions with the same research.
00:32shepI just wanted to let you know :-)
00:32shepAnd I'll see your results on the email when you send it ^_^
00:33edunhamshep: I don't feel rushed; I just wanted to make sure you were on the right mailing list to join in the discussion :)
00:58frewsxcvMaybe we should have a visual that charts filesize of tarballs over time
01:15Manishearthaturon: I'm fine with being on the alias, but yes, could you please switch it over to my gmail (manishsmail@gmail)? And preferably make it so that it can be list-filtered (this currently shows up as a regular rust-lang email)
01:16Manishearththough, come to think of it
01:16Manishearthmight be best to not change my email then :)
01:16Manishearththat way I can filter it correctly
01:38jntrnracrichto: looks like rls on windows still isn't working
01:38jntrnracrichto: when it starts up it complains it can't find the dll's
02:00simulacrumDo I interpret the new guidelines correctly and that we should apply the waiting-on-review tag immediately?
02:35aturonsimulacrum: yes
02:46jntrnrdigging into the rls+windows nightly not working a bit more
02:46jntrnrit seems like it's looking for the wrong number in the DLL potentially
02:51jntrnrgot it working, nevermind. Let's say I had an epic amount of stale stuff around from development :)
03:58aturonjntrnr: let's touch base re: blog post
03:58jntrnraturon: this one?
03:59aturonjntrnr: hah!
03:59aturonjntrnr: nevermind, thought that was about the main blog announcement
03:59jntrnraturon: we could do one of those as it hits stable
03:59jntrnrI'm still leary of too many people expecting great things ;)
04:00aturonjntrnr: hm so we had been talking about announcing a "beta" of rls, as testable on the nightly toolchain until ready for promotion to the real beta/stable chain
04:00jntrnraturon: yeah, so to avoid confusion I didn't call this "beta"
04:00jntrnrlast minute decision
04:00jntrnrI focused on the rustup-ness of it
04:01jntrnrI could add a bit to the blog post to say that we expect it to stay in nightly until it's ready to ride the trains to stable
04:01aturonjntrnr: nah, that's ok
04:02aturonwe can chat later on about whether we want to talk on the main blog about it prior to it being promoted to stable
04:02aturoni'm a bit leery of going directly to "1.0" status in terms of announcement
04:03jntrnraturon: yeah, sounds good. Even just educating what the heck an RLS is will take some space on a post
04:05aturonjntrnr: oh, and congrats :D
07:54est31could there be a retry for gh39271?
07:54est31the appveyor failure seems unrelated
07:54est31some issue with renaming .a files
16:04frewsxcvThere are a few Google Drive documents floating around for this team. It might be helpful if we just had a shared Google Drive folder containing all these documents
16:06aturonfrewsxcv: +1
16:06aturonfrewsxcv: i'll get that set up soon
16:23misdreavuscopying a note from discussion in #rust-docs: getting a way to get cargobomb into more hands is good
16:24frewsxcvI've run cargobomb before
16:25frewsxcvDocumentation could be improved a bit, but I think it's usable by anyone
16:25misdreavusooh, nice
16:25* misdreavus opens a new tab
16:25IcefozOho, that looks like fun.
16:26IcefozI should just run it on a RPi to see how much stuff breaks on non-Intel arch's.
16:26misdreavusi would consider that valuable information for the community at large
16:27frewsxcvi've been wanting to use it to gather statistics on standard library API usage by the community, maybe turn it into a conference talk
16:27misdreavusooh, i like it
16:27misdreavusa heatmap of std?
16:28frewsxcvwordcloud, always have a wordcloud
16:28misdreavuslol nice
16:29aturonfrewsxcv: did you run it locally? how long did it take?
16:34IcefozAnyone have any idea on how much disk space cargobomb needs to run?
17:29frewsxcvatur.on: I didn't run it on all crates, just a selection of whitelisted crates, which I think is the cargobomb default? I don't remember now
17:54frewsxcvlooks like the workers froze
17:54frewsxcvi guess i'll prepare a new rollup
17:55aidanhsaha, osx
17:55aidanhsseen that before
17:55frewsxcvnot sure if there's a tracking issue for that
17:56aidanhse.g. see the 4 hour osx build for
17:56aidanhsthere have been multiple
17:58aidanhsI e-mailed travis about the job I linked above, but they didn't seem to be aware of it
17:58aidanhsprobably worth a tracking issue since we've seen it again
18:04frewsxcvRFC: logo for the infra team
18:07IcefozActually a logo would be cool.
18:07IcefozMy vote would be for a pair of gears getting jammed up by curly-brackets.
18:10* frewsxcv uploaded an image: Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.09.54 PM.png (7628KB) -
18:11misdreavusmy work internet is pretty bad so i'm watching this image buffer in bit by bit and it's wonderful
18:20aidanhswe could have a call to action with a slogan like "If you see something, say something - spurious failures are everyone's problem" and a logo of some creature taking a bite out of bors
18:34IcefozIf you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget?
18:34IcefozSorry, I'm a bit loopy at the moment.
18:44carols10centslololol i'm glad my 5 minute photoshop is good enough to be frewsxcv's desktop :)
19:15tedtwo rust logos with interlocking teeth, and a can of WD-40 spraying where they meet ;-)
19:16IcefozOoh, I like that one.
21:00simulacrumedunham: Any update on the current status of perf.rlo? Did the build break?
22:52jntrnrI vote for a gear inside a gear inside an R for the infra team ;)
23:52IcefozHere, have my ghetto programmer art rendition:
23:59aidanhslubricating the gears of fearless concurrency
19 Apr 2017
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