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16 May 2017
00:29frewsxcvtomprince: wow, that's awesome
18:07acrichto> Go 1.8 now only supports OS X 10.8 or later. This is likely the last Go release to support 10.8. Compiling Go or running binaries on older OS X versions is untested
18:07acrichtooh man
18:07acrichtocan we stop supporting 10.8 too?!
18:26aidanhsacrichto: you've reminded of an amusing discussion about firefox compatibility where it was proposed that windows XP support was dropped because it was old. someone pointed out that in terms of market share, dropping support for all linuxes would have less of an impact on market share than dropping windows XP
18:26aidanhs*reminded me
18:26acrichtoaidanhs: heh it may have been me who mentioned that
19:25frewsxcvmarket share of linux is a lot higher for developer than it is for the general population
19:31frewsxcvhas it around 2.5%
20:50bstriethe homu queue page appears to be down
21:02simulacrumbuildbot.r-l.o is gone for now and the steps to fix that are ... non-trivial from what acrichto tells me
21:03bstrieokay, it would be good to get the new url linked in the topic of #rust-internals then
21:07arielbyrillian: you here?
21:17rillianarielby: hey. briefly, have a meeting in 10 minutes
21:19simulacrumbstrie: Done :)
21:23arielbyrillian: what's the source code that caused your ICE?
21:23arielbyis it from some crate?
21:24rillianarielby: no, it's generated from bindgen
21:24arielbyis there some way I can see it?
21:25rillianarielby: I can give you a tarball?
21:25arielbythat's fine
21:26arielbyis that the whole firefox build?
21:26rillianit's pretty huge, that's why I was trying to produce a testcast
21:26rillianarielby: yes.
21:26arielbyrillian: if you can make something small
21:26arielbythat's also ok
21:26rillianyou can also get it yourself by building firefox with --enable-stylo
21:26rillianbut that's not a short process if you're not used to it
21:26arielbyI'll rather not
21:27arielbyI'll rather wait for a self-contained reproducer
21:27arielbycan you get that?
21:28rillianarielby: I was working on one. There's a lot of cut-and-pasting involved
21:28rillianbut I should be able to have something tomorrow.
21:28arielbyrillian: as long as it's something I can run rustc on and it panics
21:28arielbythat's fine
21:28arielbyand if it's just fixed on nightly
21:28arielbyand we just need to backport
21:30rillianyeah, I need a reduced case for that too
21:31rillianwell, maybe I can jsut remove the #[deny(warnings)] on the file with float patterns
22:25simulacrumI moved the things into the spreadsheet and added a note on the google doc
22:28aturonsimulacrum: thank you!
17 May 2017
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