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16 Apr 2017
00:17aturoneddyb: +1
00:31simulacrumShould I add the S-needs-crater?
00:40simulacrumOr, I guess, rather rename the needs-crater to that
00:41simulacrumIt'll break people's saved searches for it, though, which could be unfortunate. I'm not sure if that's a problem, though
00:43acrichtoI just deployed a new version of rust-central-station
00:43acrichtowhich should have the updated reviewer lists
13:12simulacrumShould we make a post to internals about the S- tags? I've seen a few PRs in passing where the waiting-on-review has been applied too early
13:19nagisasimulacrum: why too early?
13:19nagisais it supposed to be like a flag that the PR is also stale?
13:19simulacrumI believe we only mark with waiting-on-review after the PR has been reviewed at least once
13:19nagisaI mean stalled
13:20simulacrumThat way until then we see it everyday
15:05simulacrumWe should get someone with rights in #rust-tools to change the topic not to include "infrastructure" at some point, probably
17:36edunhamsimulacrum: I changed the #rust-tools topic
17 Apr 2017
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