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15 May 2017
00:37tomprincefrewsxcv: Fix incomming, hopefully.
00:39frewsxcvawesome, working on something else minor for cargobomb right now
01:17simulacrumWell, appveyor apparently doesn't like Handle.exe today
12:46carols10centsin the middle of triage but have to stop for a bit, will be back in ~1hr to finish. just don't want anyone to think that i think i'm done :)
14:01acrichtosimulacrum: ping
14:41nagisafor reference, we still got huonw as an owner on rust-lang repo. Arent they alumni?
14:42nagisaIm pretty sure I saw more people as well
14:50acrichtocarols10cents: hey just curious, did you update some of the tags for cargo?
14:51carols10centsacrichto: yup i did
14:51acrichtooh I think I found it
14:51acrichtodocs -> A-documenting-cargo-itself ?
14:51carols10centsacrichto: yep
14:51carols10centsthere were some issues in there that were actually about C-docs
14:51carols10centsso i tried to make it clearer
14:53acrichtomakes sense
17:07aidanhsoh neat I didn't realise infra is now on the teams page
18:01simulacrumacrichto: pong
18:02acrichtosimulacrum: hey wanted to check in about the queue and the stuff
18:02simulacrumYeah it seemed broken, but since it felt like a network problem I just retried it a bunch. Didn't seem to help, though, unfortunately.
18:02acrichtohm ok
18:02simulacrumWe should probably vendor Handle.exe
18:03simulacrumOr just include it into the docker images, it's tiny
18:03simulacrumThough that might be a licensing concern
18:03acrichtooh this is appveyor
18:03acrichtono docker
18:03acrichtoand yes mirroring sounds good
18:04acrichtoI'll go throw it up
18:04acrichtoman what I would do for an auto-mirror proxy
18:07acrichtowant to send a PR to download that when the rollup lands?
18:07simulacrumAt some point, yeah. It'll be a while
18:08simulacrumWe could probably setup something to redirect requests through a server somewhere
18:08simulacrum(all requests, that is)
20:19simulacrumaturon: is the forge move by the way
20:19simulacrumI'll work up a draft for internals soon and get that to you for review as well
20:19simulacrumCould you get me a basic list of what we want in there? (team announcement? status tags?)
20:20steveklabniksimulacrum: btw i am in awe of your issue triage lately
20:20tomprincefrewsxcv: (WIP)
20:20simulacrumsteveklabnik: Thanks <3
20:20simulacrumI have like another ~50-60 issues to revisit and reping people on
20:21simulacrumPlus just the steady trawl
20:21steveklabniki try to do oldest ones every once in a while
20:21steveklabnikbut you are killin it
20:31simulacrum17 pages in... out of 114
21:34simulacrumIf someone wants to make me very happy, getting an example for would be amazing. I really don&#39;t like these issues that are parts of large projects :(
21:39misdreavusthat looks really similar to one of the NLL samples
21:39misdreavusthe &quot;match operand borrow being lifted out of scope&quot; thing
23:05simulacrumYeah, I guess
16 May 2017
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