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15 Jul 2017
00:13ericktaturon: yo
12:53sebkwhere do rustup related questions go?
12:55simulacrumYou can ask here if you'd like or on the repo, which I think is in the nursery
12:56sebkrustup appears to refuse the installation when /usr/bin/rust is present
12:57simulacrumYes, it doesn't support installing when an existing installation is present I think
12:59sebkwhy is that?
12:59simulacrumHm, well I don't really know of a definite reason
13:00sebkonce rust is included in the default installation, things get tricky..
13:00simulacrumYou can usually uninstall, I'd guess. You can maybe file an issue
13:01sebkwell. not really.
13:02sebkonce rust is needed to build other packages, removing may be a bad idea
13:02simulacrumhm, true
13:02simulacrumYeah, filing an issue seems like a good idea
16 Jul 2017
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