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15 Apr 2017
09:02skadehi, does the rust-infra team have a point of contact for long-form discussions?
14:07carols10centsskade: what kind of contact and what kind of discussions? depending on what you mean, i could see irlo, gh issues, email....
14:29simulacrumWe should probably reassign since brson is traveling
14:29simulacrumNot sure what team style goes to though
16:33eddybhmm, is there an S- label appropriate for "blocked on other work" or is that really not that useful in practice for PRs (as opposed to issues)?
16:42simulacrumeddyb: We've considered adding one, but not yet
16:42simulacrumI'm guessing we'll add something like it though
16:42eddybsimulacrum: specifically this
16:43simulacrumYeah, we have that and a few PRs/issues blocked on Appveyor, IIRC
18:12IcefozI have nothing official to do with Rust but I like infrastructure. Is it ok if I hang out here?
18:13dikaiosunehopefully it's ok because that's what i'm doing
18:18simulacrumTotally fine :)
20:25eddybhow do you all feel about replacing needs-crater with an S- label?
20:26eddybit's such a weird label IME
23:51simulacrumWe already have S-waiting-on-bors, I'd be fine with adding a waiting-on-crater, personally
23:51simulacrumOr S-needs-crater
23:51simulacrumI added it to our list of potential tags
16 Apr 2017
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