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13 Sep 2017
01:25jntrnris anyone around who can merge the friends page PR?
01:25jntrnrI wanna tweet about it :D
01:36aturonjntrnr: done
01:37jntrnraturon: thank you!
02:36ericktaidanhs: heya! did you get a chance to look through
02:36ericktI think you said you'd take a swing
09:26aidanhssimulacrum: at most it'll need to be every two days given each run takes four
09:26aidanhsmaybe the nightly runs should just take advantage of empty builders as possible, and get terminated if there are PR/beta requests
09:27aidanhsI'm sure you can come up with something sensible - as long as it's written down in the readme, I don't really mind that much
15:56eh2406how do I use rustup to install a artifact from the master build tests?
16:05est31there is no rustup support for it
16:05est31but if you want to do a bisect
16:05est31there is a tool for that
16:16eh2406ok, thanks
16:18eh2406I actually need to fix inference ambiguities form, so I wanted to have a rustup toolchain for the try run.
21:38aidanhsRustStatus: incident end
21:38RustStatusIncident operation not start or stop
21:38aidanhsRustStatus: incident stop
21:40aidanhsRustStatus tweet The approved PR queue is back to processing as normal.
14 Sep 2017
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