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12 Sep 2017
00:34WindowsBotDreamsOfElectricSheepI really wish we'd do more testing of the final components that will be distributed. Maybe do a test of installing them and seeing whether a basic set of functionality works
03:26simulacrumaturon: FYI: perf is more or less planned out (close issues, selected ones are already tagged), I hope to get rustbuild done by the end of Wednesday
14:00tedWindowsBunnyFarmingHumanSkins: (that is an exciting nick): i really like firefox's release pipeline here and i wish it was easier to use elsewhere
14:00tedwe do builds, run all our tests on those builds, and only then publish them as an actual release
14:47acrichtolarsberg: ping
14:47larsbergacrichto: pong
14:48acrichto-> pm
15:12aturonsimulacrum: awesome, thanks so much!
23:39simulacrumaturon, acrichto: Should we start a nightly cargobomb run? Both builders are free right now
23:39aturonsimulacrum: yes please!
23:39simulacrumcc aidanhs
23:40simulacrumI'll start that then
23:40simulacrumacrichto: Or is a new beta going out with fixes soon?
23:41simulacrumI guess we can run that on prod anyway
23:42acrichtodo we have beta fixes?
23:42acrichtoI think we only discovered like 3 regressions
23:42acrichtoall of which were "expected"
23:43simulacrumah, maybe not
23:43simulacrumSo I guess beta is looking good?
23:44simulacrum says there's 8
23:45acrichtoyeah it's "mostly good" sorta
23:48simulacrumacrichto: Did we get RLS figured out, or is that still broken?
23:50simulacrumDown to 6 open beta regressions
23:50simulacrumOf which 3 are likely going to be closed, RLS, 1 non-critical, and one serious regression
23:50acrichtosimulacrum: still broken
23:53simulacrumacrichto: Should I do stable/nightly or beta/nightly?
23:53simulacrumI don't know that we've ever done this before, or at least I don't see it logged
23:53acrichtosimulacrum: stable/nightly
23:53simulacrumthat's what I thought
23:54tomprinceDefinitely been done. May have been before the spreadsheet was used.
13 Sep 2017
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