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12 Jul 2017
00:02brsonthat online encryption feature is so sweet
00:03brsonerickt: your credentials are in your inbox
00:03brsonalso, i finally signed up for and claimed my name
00:03brsonif only brson was available on twitter
00:03brsonwho else would use 'brson'?! so frustrating
00:04* steveklabnik shakes his fist at "bill robinson"
03:16ericktaturon / brson: got into the account
03:16aturonerickt: \o/
03:17ericktaturon: do y'all have any preference of what AWS region you want to use?
03:32* erickt brings up the aws infrastructure...
03:32* erickt has a typo in the terraform bits that prevents me from bringing up the infrastructure...
03:33aturonerickt: i don't know, sorry
03:33aturonif you still have access to prod, maybe check there?
03:33ericktyep, already planning on doing that :)
03:34misdreavuserickt: you missed an opportunity to say "(hacker voice) i'm in"
03:34ericktmisdreavus: gimme a minute
04:16ericktmisdreavus: (hacker voice) I'm in
04:26ericktalrighty, PR is up to get rust-dev setup with a bastion. I don't have salt setup so I'm the only one who can login
04:27ericktmore on that tomorrow!
04:27aturonerickt: wooooo!
04:28ericktbedtime now!
04:28ericktnight all!
14:13acrichtoshep: you were saying that the new rust play was ready, right?
14:14shepacrichto: it's been running at The main missing thing is the branding.
14:14acrichtoshep: branding?
14:14shepSince the two playgrounds share the same code, I didn't want to push that until it was OK
14:15shepThe big Rust gear behind the editor
14:15acrichtoI"m so eager to burn rust-playpen to the ground
14:15steveklabnikheck yes
14:15acrichtoI don't think there's any need to block on that
14:16shepOK. You could probably just switch the DNS then
14:16shepAnd we can repurpose playtest for the terraform-enabled version
14:16carols10centswait i thought we were putting a big i32 logo behind the editor ;)
14:17carols10centsand flash a subliminal "give integer 32 money" every so often
14:17shepcarols10cents: I need to figure out how to have "themes" and then I'd do that, actually
14:17acrichtoshep: wanna make a post on internals/users about this?
14:18shepacrichto: <3 <3 <3
14:18shepNow to have all the bug reports come rolling in
14:19shepacrichto: I&#39;d love to; users seems appropriate for the user-facing aspect?
14:19acrichtosounds good to me!
14:19carols10centswhy not both?
14:20shepI can certainly copy-pasta, if that&#39;s not frowned upon
14:20steveklabnikit&#39;s generally not
14:21steveklabniki&#39;ve posted links on internals and then linked from users saying &quot;hey this affects you all too&quot;
14:26acrichtoshep: I forget, do you don&#39;t have the irc bot reimplemented, right?
14:27shepThat is correct. I&#39;d think it can be built on top of the same sandbox code, but you said it could be deferred, IIRC.
14:27acrichtooh sure yeah that&#39;s fine
14:28acrichtojust wondering if I could shut down the instance
14:28acrichtoI&#39;ll leave it up for now
14:30steveklabnikplaybot has been off of irc for like two weeks
14:30steveklabnikplaybot-mini is still up though
14:31acrichto&quot;off&quot; typically means &quot;it died and alex has been pinged and forgot or hasn&#39;t been pinged&quot;
14:54mbrubeckI miss the multi-column layout on wide screens, in the new playground. Any chance that could be brought back?
14:56steveklabnikcarols10cents told nagisa to file a bug
14:56steveklabnikso it might already be being filed
14:56carols10centsthe world is full of possibilities!
14:57mbrubeckI just filed some other issues for minor things, but I wasn&#39;t sure if this was an intentional change.
14:57nagisa_mbrubeck: your thin thread screen woes go
14:57carols10centslook! crates!
14:57carols10centsyou like crates, right?
15:11shepmbrubeck: not really intentional; my screen isn&#39;t big enough to trigger the vertical split ;-)
15:11shepso I never even knew until a friend pointed it out
15:11shepdonations for new laptops accepted ^_^
15:12mbrubeckIt&#39;d be nice to be able to toggle the position regardless of window size, too
15:12mbrubeckwhile I&#39;m asking for ponies
15:16shepmbrubeck: yeah, I was thinking of having a tristate - guess (default) horizontal, vertical. Is that what you mean?
20:03simulacrumacrichto: So I just noticed that both the old and the new build systems break with the following ./ test --stage 1 src/test/ui && git commit --allow-empty -m &quot;test&quot; && ./ test src/test/ui -- is that intentional? It feels wrong, but I haven&#39;t tracked down why it is yet
21:23simulacrumacrichto: I think android builders are failing due to disk space -- but afaict we&#39;ve changed nothing. Going to attempt to investigate..
21:23acrichtosimulacrum: the stage1 ui thing seems like a bug
21:24acrichtosimulacrum: let&#39;s try clearing caches
21:24acrichtothe builder was starting with 10GB free
21:24acrichto20/30GB was already in use
21:24acrichtobefore we did anything
21:24acrichtomaybe caches, maybe travis, let&#39;s try to rule out caches
21:24simulacrumI see /dev/sda1 30G 13G 17G 43% / as last success
21:24simulacrumnow /dev/sda1 30G 20G 9.0G 69% /
21:24simulacrum(before build)
21:25acrichtothe last PR may have inflated teh cache by 7G
21:25simulacrumacrichto: I&#39;ll clear caches if you&#39;d like
21:25acrichtolet&#39;s do that
21:25acrichtosee what happens
21:30simulacrumacrichto: regarding the stage1 ui thing, I&#39;m thinking we don&#39;t attempt to fix in this PR?
22:34simulacrumacrichto: r?
22:38aidanhssimulacrum: is that intentionally a branch on the rust-lang repo? I note it&#39;s running two pr test builds
22:39simulacrumaccidental, no, I shouldn&#39;t use GH&#39;s UI to create PRs
13 Jul 2017
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