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11 Oct 2017
01:31misdreavuserm, judging from the logs in #rust-bots, bors isn't feeling well right now >_>
01:31misdreavushere's a sample log
02:21sfackleracrichto: is this a new build flake?
02:22sfacklerlooks like it's happening to everything bunch of stuff
02:25sfacklerah looks like you've already dealt with it :D
12:05sebkso I tried adding Ploppz as owner of pdf_derive
12:05sebk"cargo owner --add Ploppz" succeeds, but nothing changes (-l still only lists me)
12:41kennytmsebk: have Ploppz checked "Owner Invites" ?
12:46* sebk awaits response from them
12:49kennytm!gh rust-lang/cargo 4599
12:49rustbot[Issue 4599] <open> Document that adding someone as an owner now invites them, not adds immediately <>
14:22carols10centssebk: after the release tomorrow, cargo will print a better message telling you about invitations :)
15:26sebkcarols10cents: nice
16:07kennytmlooks like github has some issue starting 15 minutes ago some github comments are not appearing immediately
16:24simulacrumacrichto: Feel free to implement
16:24simulacrumI&#39;m fine with 90 days
16:25simulacrumthough I&#39;ve been thinking, maybe we should do 3 releases? Not sure if that&#39;d be better...
16:35simulacrum3 months gives us 2.1 releases so I guess that&#39;s not bad
12 Oct 2017
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