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11 Jul 2017
00:49simulacrumaturon, acrichto: Should we be merging before is closed out/discussed?
00:49simulacrumIt feels odd
01:28brsoni r-ed
02:41est31what the
02:58vignesh@carols10cents Fair enough, I'll wait on ag_dubs on this then, I've heard Selenium can be quite tricky to work with
22:30aturonerickt: hey, just wanted to check in that you are fully set up with aws?
22:35brsonhe is not
22:38brsoni am logging in to the new aws account myself right now
22:39brsonerickt: will you give me your gpg key?
22:40ericktaturon: thanks for the heads up
22:51brsontomprince: are you doing cargobomb runs of prs?
22:58tomprincebrson: I've done some. I haven't done any recently.
23:02brsontomprince: do you have time to do this one?
23:02brsonif not can you write me instructions on how to do it?
23:07tomprincebrson: The only difference is the names of the toolchains. master#<sha of parent> and try#<sha of try merge>.
23:08tomprinceIt looks like s.imulacrum triggered a try build to get artifacts, but cargobomb is complaining about merge conflicts.
23:09* tomprince started a new job yesterday, so has less time than before.
23:10brsonI will look to write up cargobombing instructions and try to solicit some cargobombers
23:11aturonbrson: if you get the instructions together, we can include it as part of the normal infra team PR triage
23:12aturoncould also put testing against nightlies etc into the process
23:54* brson still working on erickt&#39;s aws access
12 Jul 2017
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