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10 Aug 2017
00:29acrichtoaidanhs: ping about triage (although no worries if it's too late!)
00:29acrichtoPR triage that is
00:32est31acrichto: want to go to bed, last chance to get a response on feedback on my pr today :)
00:33acrichtolemme look
00:33acrichtoest31: only comment --
00:34acrichtocan you call expand_colum inside of expand_column_gated?
00:34acrichtoother than that r=me
00:34est31what is base::check_zero_tts( doing?
00:34acrichtoensuring it's column!()
00:34acrichtoinstead of column!(foo bar baz)
00:34acrichtoit's safe to ignore how the string is dfiferent
00:34acrichtothat's just for an error message
00:35est31wasnt sure, that's why I've copied it
00:35acrichtoyeah no worries!
00:40est31acrichto: updated
00:41* est31 bed
00:43est31acrichto: seems I forgot something
00:43est31updating the error message in the test
00:44est31I've updated it
00:44est31sorry :)
01:05aidanhsacrichto: yup, just getting to it now
01:06aidanhsthanks for reminder though!
15:29carols10centsnotriddle: did you grow up near pittsburgh, PA?
15:32notriddleNo. Why do you ask?
15:32* notriddle grew up in Washington state.
15:33* notriddle also grew up in Arizona. His life was kinda cut in half around 11 yo.
15:37carols10centsthis issue's title:
15:38carols10centsspecifically "needs redone" instead of "needs to be redone"
15:38carols10centsit's a very pittsburgh thing to say :)
15:50notriddleHuh, okay.
19:50jntrnrapologies for the "out of the blue" question - but did we get any further on deciding how to support the Servo "no assertions" thing?
19:51jntrnrI know we put in a hack, but then hack had some issues iirc
19:51jntrnrmight be acrichto question ^
19:51acrichtojntrnr: servo afaik use using no-llvm-assertion nightlies
19:51acrichtoand they're basically "just meant for servo"
19:52acrichtoin the sense that there's no mechanism to acquire said nightly through rustup
19:52jntrnrk, I'll ask Simon
19:53jntrnrjust had it in my notes to follow up on
19:54jntrnrsounds like things have been working since
19:58jntrnracrichto: cool, so it seems like next steps for Servo is to get onto rustup for their builds. The "alt toolchains" support is something that blocks that, since they can't get the no-assert build from rustup yet
19:59acrichtojntrnr: ah yeah so the original intent was that we *wouldn't* add support for this in rustup
19:59acrichtobut times can change
19:59* jntrnr hums Bob Dylan
19:59jntrnrso what's the current plan?
20:03jntrnr(in case people are wondering "what is jntrnr talkin' about?":
20:05acrichtojntrnr: ah sry in a mtg, brb
21:27misdreavusis a homu fail where travis says it was cancelled actually valid?
21:35aidanhsmisdreavus: that looks like a legit fail?
21:36misdreavusoh, i didn't see the one run that actually completed
21:36misdreavussorry about that
21:36aidanhsyeah it can sometimes be non-obvious that one of the 50 odd builds has failed
22:12notriddleLooks like rust-unic switched from bors to bors-voyager. Just curious; any particular reason?
22:29carols10centsi didnt do it
22:29carols10centsi'm pretty sure that's the person whose PR hung soooo not sure why
11 Aug 2017
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