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27 Jun 2017
00:00simulacrumacrichto: Why is this split here?
00:00simulacrumIt was introduced in a seemingly unrelated commit -- 2dab1e21509c4ffa8f1ea93d4a70c5a33cc6fe1d -- " rustbuild: Fix copying duplicate crates into the sysroot"
00:00acrichtothe file is written below
00:00acrichtoand then read above
00:00acrichtoa little backwards...
00:01acrichtothat's actually a highly relevant commit!
00:01acrichto(it's the one that introduced this)
00:01simulacrumI just didn't see any mention of this in the message
00:01simulacrumI'll add a comment
00:01acrichtoit was a... bit of a roundabout fix
00:02simulacrumI'm just going through all of rustbuild file by file and getting familiar and small cleanup work :)
00:03acrichtoheh no worries!
00:03acrichtofeel free to of course ask questions :
00:03acrichtoor as carol would say, !!!!
00:21simulacrumacrichto: With Cargo, is "cargo test" enough to run all tests?
00:22acrichtosimulacrum: yes
00:40simulacrumacrichto: run-make tests in rustc should steal Cargo's testing, this is really nice
00:41acrichtoor we should just rewrite them in not-makefiles
00:42acrichtothe hacks we go through to run them on msvc...
00:42simulacrumI'm going to tag with infra and see if we can get someone to champion it
00:43acrichtosimulacrum: if we can get the groundwork for 1 or 2 tests
00:43acrichtoit'd make a nice E-easy parallelizable test issue
00:43acrichtoeveryone loves rewriting things in rust :)
00:44simulacrumSure. I want to write something up on forge documenting exactly how to approach E-needstest issues so I can throw the community at them.. there's still 50-60 right now :/
00:44simulacrumah, 49
00:44acrichtosounds great!
01:14simulacrumhm, that's annoying.. I think the walkdir crate needlessly depends on winapi, or at least I can't find any reasons for it to. I'll file an issue..
01:14simulacrumah, but same-file does
01:21WindowsBunnysimulacrum: Sorry
01:22WindowsBunnysimulacrum: Sorry for writing a crate that is used by the majority of the ecosystem and yet avoided in rust itself because of its one minute compile time
04:00simulacrumNo worries. I'm looking forward to 0.3 :)
27 Jun 2017
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