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9 Sep 2017
18:51bstriecarols10cents: I'm looking at the Sessions page on the rbr site, but I don't see which days each session is?
18:51bstriecarols10cents: on the front page of the site it says october 26 and 27, otherwise I would have figured it was just one day
18:51bstrieI'm just trying to figure out what time my talk starts :P
18:54bstriecarols10cents: also, is rbr covering transportation costs again? I can get a bus, I don't want to cost you much :P
21:22carols10centsbstrie: same as last year i'll probably put you in the morning on day 1
21:22carols10centsbstrie: and yes, we're covering speaker travel costs, as i mentioned in the email i sent youuuu :P
10 Sep 2017
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