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9 Oct 2017
00:06niconiisteveklabnik: how broad /ban is depends on the client, i'll fix it
00:07steveklabnikit didn't actually kline *everyone* on, but yeah
00:07steveklabnikah yeah that's much better
01:04Manishearthskade: can you grant aop to all community team members?
01:05Manishearthi granted op but that will disappear the moment the person logs out
01:53Havvyniconii: Wouldn't it make sense to just ban *!*@* ?
01:54projektirHmm. Is this an attempt at banning mib_2uzlzv?
01:55niconiiprojektir: kmc
01:55projektirIs this an unrelated thing, then?
01:57niconiiHavvy: i dunno, some bots might use that, or people with irc bouncers
01:57Havvyniconii: We can +e anybody who wants to use it legitimately?
01:58niconiii'll wait to see if it actually becomes a problem first
01:59HavvyKk. Just know it's an option.
02:01niconiiprojektir: it was going to happen anyway, but was expedited because of raisin in #rust and then this
02:02projektirOh, I didn't know there was something in #rust. Just noting we don't know who this "sonic" person is.
07:28skadeManishearth: phew, once I find the magic incarnation, I will do so
10:09Manishearthskade: /msg chanserv aop #rust-community add NAME
10:11skadeanyone I forgot?
10:12skadecan I add a second owner?
10:13skade(I'm so bad at IRCing...)
10:15Manishearthskade: i think there can only be one founder
10:16booyaa[there can be only one highlander! fite!
10:17skadewell then, keep me alive forever
10:17Manishearthskade: haha
10:17Manishearthskade: this is weird, I know I can grant aop in other channels
10:21Manishearthniconii: do you know why? ^
10:21ManishearthI can /msg chanserv aop #foo add bar in other channels
10:21ManishearthI'm not a founder anywhere
10:21niconiiManishearth: i think you need to be at least SOP (which would make you &)
10:23Manishearthskade: try /msg chanserv sop #rust-community add Manishearth ?
10:26Manishearththere we go
10:27Manishearthhm i still get "access denied"
10:28Manishearthniconii: any idea?
10:31niconiiManishearth: that's odd, afaict you have the same privileges in #rust-community that i do in #rust-offtopic, and i can add AOPs there
10:31niconiiManishearth: you are trying to add AOPs, right? not SOPs? and for the correct channel?
10:33Manishearthniconii: yes
10:34Manishearthniconii: wait, are you able to?
10:34Manishearthwait no you're not aop or sop
10:34Manishearthi'm sop but not aop
10:34Manishearthniconii: must I be aop too?
10:34niconiiVOP = + on join, AOP = @ on join, SOP = & on join
10:35niconiiactually, there's also QOP = ~ on join
10:36niconiiso if the intent is to basically be a second owner, i imagine QOP would at least have those privileges
10:36niconiii am confused why SOP isn't enough though
10:37Manishearththere's no oop
10:38niconiiqop, not oop
10:39Manishearthskade: qop #rust-community add manishearth?
10:44Manishearthyeah, it works now
10:44Manishearthcool, thanks niconii
10:44Manishearthwill try to remember this
10:44* skade hopes this isn't a social engineering attack to get ownership of the channel :D
10:44skadehoverbear is quite used to these kinds of games :)
10:46Manishearthi mean, feel free to de-owner
10:46ManishearthI can always get owner back by talking to mozilla IT :p
10:51niconiii mean, given you started with "can I add a second owner?" in the first place, i feel like you couldn't really call it an "attack" per se
10:51niconiiit's like stealing free samples
10:51hoverbearskade: I like our IRC server taht randomly gives people owner
10:52skadeirccloud \_()_/
10:53skadehoverbear: I was more referring to the fact that EVE seems to be all social engineering and convincing people to give you certain rights for "just a day"
10:53skadeniconii: my question was just out of curiosity :)
10:53hoverbearAh yes like when our Serbian friend gave our austrailian frenemy hanger access and he stole several thousand euro from us
10:55skadeI'm almost feeling like we could form a media subteam...
11:06Manishearthcheck it
11:06Manishearththis is going to be fun
12:12skadeManishearth: fun
12:14skadewhat's the goal of it? Is it just a collection of projects?
12:15Manishearthso folks can cargo install oreutils on new machines
12:15Manishearthand upgrade them together
12:15Manishearthalso its kinda a showcase of cool stuff
12:21skadeah, so it _is_ a metaproject
13:53killercupManishearth: i hereby give "oreutils" the official killercup-sign-of-punproval
13:55skadeI was on a hacktoberfest meeting organised by a friend and she introduced me to another attendee with the words "finally, my two primary sources of unattributed office puns meet"
13:56misdreavusManishearth: A+ name
14:53fwiwManishearth: ripgrep, fd-find
14:55fwiwalso just realize that pun
15:00meetingbotTime to check the TWIR Friends of the Forest thread!
15:00booyaa[lol me too
10 Oct 2017
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