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9 Aug 2017
03:12ericktsebasmagri: hey!
03:12ericktand well, everyone else
03:12ericktactually, nevermind
03:13ericktI got a work thing tomorrow, but I guess I can go to it after the meeting
03:13ericktskade: fyi I forgot to mention the core team suggests turning your ad campaign ticket into an rfc
04:35sebasmagrierickt: hey, the localisation pre-rfc is progressing btw
04:36ericktsebasmagri: also talked to core, they thought localization could be great to frame it after the strike team model
04:36ericktand use that to eventually build into a proper team
04:36ericktthey were pretty keen on the idea
04:37sebasmagriGreat, it'd be nice to define those details now since it would affect the rfc... When can we schedule a meeting and work on it?
04:40ericktsebasmagri: here's the memory model strike team rfc:
04:40ericktfor reference
04:40sebasmagriI'll check it out
04:40ericktanother one:
12:55skadeerickt: aaron mentioned something along the lines that he would like to see the community team to write more RFCS
12:56skadeI'm not sure I fully agree, but yeah, I promised to write one for the ad server
13:44tglmanwho is't going to be at zurich rust-fest ? i just both the airplane tickets, so probably i'll be there ;)
13:45tglmanwith another coorganizer of Rust Rome
14:10* theJPster is back from holiday
14:13skadetglman: hoverbear, booyaa[ and me, probably
14:13hoverbearI will be there =D
14:13skadehoverbear is keeping the organisation together and I'm helping :)
14:14hoverbearBears are not pack animals I don't know why you're trusting me with this
14:14hoverbeartglman: Can I DM you?
14:16tglmanwhat DM means ?
14:16hoverbeartglman: Send a message just to you, privately. :)
14:17tglmano yes sure :)
14:17misdreavus"Direct Message", also known as PM or "Private Message"
14:18tglmanDirect Message .. got now, not yet updated with irc :D
14:20fwiwprivmsg to nick in irc speak
14:20theJPsterDoes anyone know when the workshops for Zurich will be announced?
14:21* theJPster has been allowed to buy a reverse-early-bird ticket :)
14:56pflanzebooyaa[, what do you think about renaming the event to "Rust learning and hacking evening #2", or "Rust Study and Hacking Group"? A bit more than half of the participants are into it for the hacking not the "learning".
14:57pflanzewait, "RSVPs closed" on that event?
14:58pflanzeAha, will open on Aug 21; is that just so that we can modify things until it's all clear?
15:02meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC.
15:04theJPsterOh, that reminds me, I need to do another Cambridge Rust.
15:06booyaa[pflanze: yeah will do that later on title and the note about rsvp
15:07booyaa[theJPster: o/
15:07theJPsterbooyaa[: hey
15:08booyaa[hey throwing this out there, fancy running a parallel hacking event on the 31st around the same 6:30pm? we could get a hangout or irc channel going so the partcipants could converse
15:08theJPsterthat could work for me
15:08theJPster(it might be easier than finding a speaker...)
15:10booyaa[right now let's see if i can convince tglman to do the same with the rome meetup and we'll have a pan european event ;)
15:10theJPsterThat would be awesome.
15:10theJPsterUnfortunately I can only commit the venue no more than two weeks ahead.
15:11theJPsterBut, let me stick in a meetup anyway, and if not here, I'm sure one of the other local companies might help out.
15:11pflanzeAha you mean a physical parallel event in Rome. Neat.
15:11pflanzeDon't forget there's 1 h time zone difference.
15:11booyaa[pflanze: yeah i'd love there to be more interaction between the european based meetups
15:12pflanzemakes sense
15:12booyaa[now if there was a way i could sneakily live stream our talks whilst being at skillsmatter i'd happily share those talks with our european chums
15:13theJPsterWith an iPhone and a tripod?
15:13pflanzeThe people have been doing live streaming, IIRC.
15:13pflanzeShould I get you a contact?
15:15pflanzeAha that's Cambridge not Rome, so you're hoping for a 3-way parallel event.
15:21booyaa[pflanze: yeah why not :)
15:22booyaa[pflanze: i'd be happy to talk to anyone who's done the live streaming before. email or irc is fine
15:22pflanzeOK I'll introduce you by mail.
15:23booyaa[theJPster: ages ago i saw a really nice video rig had a decent lense and directional mic. i think it was called the owl, i should prolly have a look see if they're still in business.
15:23booyaa[pflanze: thanks!
15:24pflanzeI guess we also somewhat need something for the parallel event...?
15:24pflanzeLet's see what tips we get.
15:25booyaa[pflanze: we could prolly get away with a google hangout
15:25pflanzeWas that hangout or skype that you used for the remote talk?
15:26booyaa[i had a bit of a brainwave where we have an irc channel open, but maybe midway and just before we wrap up we use a hangout call to show what we've achieved
15:26pflanzeyes, something like that seems to make sense.
15:26booyaa[we used hangout because it allow screensharing, but could be done the same with skype
15:27pflanzePeople in general seem to agree that hangout works better than skype nowadays.
15:29pflanzeBTW (for the next time) I can imagine that for a remote talk, it will be good to point the camera to the guests all the time to give the speaker a better feeling of being there.
15:29pflanzes/point to/point at/
15:32booyaa[pflanze: definitely, learnt that the hard way when i hosted the crypto currency talk
15:47ericktmeeting dayyyyyy
15:51carols10centseverybody's laughin
15:57skadeSorry, cannot attend today
15:58theJPsterre: talks, I generally use WebEx at the office. Which is pretty solid (on Windows anyway). But I think it might cost money.
15:59Manishearthagh need to put laundry in for drying. will be back
16:00ericktmeeting time!
16:01ericktag_dubs / bstrie / sebasmagri / booyaa[ / badboy: ^
16:01edunhamgood morning!
16:01ericktanyone else in beyond carol and eventually Manish?
16:01theJPsterLove to stay but I have another meeting.
16:01ericktI'm trying something a little different this meeting
16:02Manishearthcake? cake
16:02ericktfrom suggestions on last week
16:02ericktsadly no cake
16:02ericktfor the agenda^
16:02badboyI'm here. kinda.
16:02badboy(also: I hate computers)
16:03ericktag_dubs brought up the good point it can get a bit hard to follow the meetings so I'm trying to steal something from the infra team
16:03ericktwhere they're using a google doc for tracking the agenda
16:03ericktso that people can easily add notes, or jot down what was decided
16:03ericktya'll ok with us trying it out?
16:04ericktso, please add any agenda items to it
16:05ericktthe next idea we had was that if anyone's getting lost in too many parallel conversations, we wanted to try switching to an informal voice-ing system
16:05ericktwhere the leader of whatever discussion calls on people who raised their hands: o/
16:05ericktto help linearize conversations
16:05Manishearthi am back
16:06Manishearthi see there is no cake
16:06ericktthank goodness
16:06ericktwe ate it all
16:06ericktyou were gone for too long
16:06ericktthis also sound good?
16:07Manishearthminor nit is that I'd prefer etherpad or Dropbox Paper
16:07Manishearthbut w/e
16:07ericktwe could try paper, that's what the core team does
16:07ericktwhatever works best for y'all
16:08ericktwith that said, lets move to the next topic
16:08ericktrustconf is next week woo
16:09ericktcarols10cents: how's the bridge event planning?
16:09ericktneed any help with anything?
16:09ericktand also general conference help?
16:10ericktor Manishearth are you involved with rustconf?
16:10erickti can't rmemeber
16:11ericktsounds like they're not around at the moment
16:11ericktskade can't make it either
16:11ericktso, blog posts!
16:12ericktbadboy: heya! did you start the underhanded writeup?
16:12bstrieyes, been waiting for underhanded to progress for quite a while :)
16:12ericktbstrie: wanna help?
16:13ericktpull requests welcome ;)
16:13bstrieerickt: sorry, I am too honest and pure to be underhanded :prayingangel:
16:13carols10centserickt: i think the bridge event is ready
16:13ericktcarols10cents: great! so I think both sebasmagri and I are there on friday
16:14ericktto help out
16:14sebasmagrithat's right... pretty excited about meeting y'all :D
16:14ericktit's gonna be awesome
16:15ericktcarols10cents: are you bringing the table runner?
16:15erickti guess we never put together an order for a banner :/
16:15carols10centserickt: yes i can
16:15ericktthat should be fine for now
16:15ericktnext year though!
16:15badboyerickt: I did! I also send a mail to ask for feedback
16:16ericktbadboy: oops!
16:16ericktsebasmagri / carols10cents: when do you get to Portland? I think I arrive around 4pm on thursday
16:17bstriedo we have a schedule for the blog posts for underhanded and the survey? I understand there's desire to get the survey post out before rustconf, but let's not let both blog posts overshadow each other
16:17ericktbstrie: jntrnr has also started working on the survey writeup
16:18pflanzebooyaa[, there's a Perl conference in Amsterdam that some people attend (definitely Rick who has an auto responder that says that he will reply after the conference, and probably Sue) thus we may not get their responses quickly.
16:18sebasmagriI should arrive at ~4.30pm on Thu erickt
16:18ericktI had some technical difficulties that i finally fixed yesterday, so I can finally get some aggregates he wants
16:18carols10centserickt: my flight gets in ~6:30pm thurs
16:18ericktbstrie (on the survey) not sure the ETA though
16:19carols10centsbstrie: i don't think the survey blog post is going to make it out before rustconf
16:20carols10centsbased on
16:20ericktwe definitely have some preliminary results though
16:20ericktif we need em for the keynote
16:21carols10centswe do not
16:21ericktheh ok
16:22ericktok, well shifting back to underhanded, badboy how far along is the writeup?
16:22badboylet me open the doc
16:23badboyI have a handful of open questions and minor things to fill in
16:23badboyoh and I need to know what the final prizes are now :D
16:24badboyI do have some free time tomorrow afternoon, so I could finish that and prepare it for publishing
16:24ericktbadboy: also, i think the submissions might have also included blog posts about their underhandedness
16:24ericktI think we could splice that in
16:24badboyI have!
16:24ericktso then lets do a round of editing this week, and try to get it published by Monday?
16:25badboyI really only added a bit of boilerplate around the included blog post
16:25badboybasically my question was just if we also publish the code and other blog posts
16:25ericktedunham: were you the one with custom made iron ferris figure?
16:25ericktor was that someone else?
16:25edunhamerickt: that was not me.
16:25edunhamiirc, Manishearth or bstrie ? ^
16:26bstrieerickt: me!
16:26bstrieis the idea to give a prize to the winner?
16:26badboyit said so in the announcement blog post :D
16:27ericktwe could also buy a ferris plushie off edunham :)
16:27bstrieI'll be on vacation for two weeks starting this friday, so you better have me make any prizes now :P
16:27badboydo it now
16:27ericktbstrie: ooh make em now
16:29bstrieerickt: how many do you want?
16:29erickthow much do they cost?
16:29bstrieuh, nothing if I ask my boss nicely and he has free time
16:29bstrieand if we have scrap metal lying around
16:29ericktwould 10 be reasonable?
16:30bstrieI'll see what I can do
16:30ericktwe can use them for future events
16:30bstrieI can also trivially cut plastic ones out of acrylic
16:30bstrieI happen to have some smokey grey acrylic lying around that might be ideal to express UNDERHANDEDNESS
16:30badboycut ALL the rust swag
16:31ericktanything else?
16:31erickton underhanded?
16:31ericktoh I guess
16:31ericktwhere should we put the announcement? or
16:32badboywe do have a blog
16:32ericktwe could move the underhanded blog posts over to
16:32ericktI'm not sure if we really need a dedicated domain for all our stuff
16:32edunhamoh yeah i signed up to make a custom ferris for the winner, so that's a thing that's still happening :)
16:33badboyedunham: yey!
16:33ericktso, anyone have a vote on where to blog?
16:35ericktno one does ;)
16:35ericktwell we can discuss later
16:35ericktI think the last major thing on the agenda is sebasmagri and the localization rfc
16:35aidanhsboth! :D
16:35ericktaidanhs: hehe
16:35sebasmagriI'd say lets try to use as few blogs as possible :)
16:36ericktso, less than 5 blogs
16:36ericktrendered rfc:
16:36sebasmagriSo wrt the localisation Pre-RFC, it's still missing some last minute updates based on Core's and Erick's feedback, but the general idea regarding structure and operation is there...
16:37sebasmagrithe updates are mostly related to adopting a strike team mode to start, which should work pretty well for goals such as i18n in error messages/help and crates maduration
16:38ericktgreat. have you had any luck identifying anyone who might want to be in this working group?
16:38sebasmagriand then we should keep some SIGs around for maintainance/ongoing work
16:38ericktsebasmagri: carol mentioned in the core team meeting it'd be super helpful if mdbook internationalized was prioritized
16:39ericktcarols10cents: did you say it's holding up translation of the book?
16:39sebasmagriyep, I've been getting in touch and CCing people in the github issue, I wonder more people will show up when the actual Pre-RFC is published
16:39carols10centserickt: yep
16:40carols10centserickt: i mean not the actual translation work, but displaying the translation work as part of the main book online, yeah
16:40sebasmagriThat's something we could definitely have in our top priority list then...
16:40sebasmagriYeah, providing a mechanism to integrate translation work in the final book build
16:41sebasmagriI've been researching how other tools do it, that's something we could start putting on an issue in the localisation issue tracker
16:42ericktsebasmagri: when do you expect to get the rfc ready? it'd be great if it was out before the conference, then we could use it to help drive any conversation
16:42ericktmaybe have it as a birds of a feather lunch table
16:42sebasmagrithat's the idea, I'd like to do a call so anyone can join and provide feedback on the Pre-RFC, that should be before this weekend
16:43ericktfeel free to start organizing one
16:44sebasmagriI'd like to have some hints on who is interested and which time works best for everyone :D
16:44ericktI'm free tonight, and I think friday night
16:45ericktI'm not sure my weekend schedule right now
16:45carols10centserickt: i dont think BoF is happening
16:45ericktoh? shucks
16:45sebasmagriIt'll be complicated for me on the weekend, we can do a round tonight
16:46ericktcarols10cents: ah, yeah:
16:47ericktsebasmagri: but yeah, maybe 7pm-ish PDT could work for me
16:48sebasmagrierickt: ok lets do it then
16:48ericktanything else on this sebasmagri?
16:49sebasmagrithat's it
16:49ericktor anyone else have anything they want to talk about?
16:49ericktso our action items: bstrie/edunham will make ferrisi, sebasmagri and I will work on localization, badboy will finish up the underhanded post
16:50ericktand carols10cents will bring the tablecloth
16:50carols10centsit's in the wash right now
16:50ericktI'd hate to have a dirty tablecloth
16:51ericktif nothing else, then I say we table (har har) the meeting closed
16:52ericktthanks everyone!
18:35booyaa[damn i thought medium was markdown... gotta reformat the entire post
19:25skadebooyaa[: which post?
20:06booyaa[from my blog (same one i posted on urlo)
21:02meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. beep boop!
22:15badboydoesn't seems so
22:22edunhamoh well.
22:22* edunham places sticker order to see if it arrives in time for rustconf
22:25edunham\o/ it's scheduled to be delivered the day before rustconf! I'm shipping them straight to Portland so I should be able to bring them to the conf on Friday.
22:26badboyso who's streaming me the rustconf? :D
10 Aug 2017
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